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02:49 PM illumos gate Bug #15936 (New): libdevinfo manual should describe links and lnodes
While we have interfaces that allow walking and obtaining information from links and lnodes, neither entity is define... Thirteen Oxide


07:08 PM illumos gate Bug #15930 (New): machdep vmm module delivered to /usr/kernel
With #14587, most of the code for the vmm module is now common, but it still necessarily references machdep structure... Thirteen Oxide
05:50 PM illumos gate Bug #15929 (New): d_qactive is a red herring
The blkdev driver maintains a counter of active elements on its queues in @bd_queue_t.q_qactive@. There is also a @b... Thirteen Oxide


06:38 PM illumos gate Bug #14062 (Duplicate): isoboot makefile bypasses $(BTXLD) macro
This was apparently fixed without reference to this bug, in db1a8deb164e311ff6eed02e115664a901481118 (under ticket 14... Thirteen Oxide
06:27 PM illumos gate Bug #15882 (Rejected): panic_quiesce and panic_dump are uninitialised
Closing, as the generated binary is clearly fine and the most obvious reading of the standard suggests this isn't a r... Thirteen Oxide


07:52 PM illumos gate Bug #15534 (Rejected): zen_umc LPDDR5 postamble field definitions are reversed
This was mistakenly filed here for something I saw in a pre-integration changeset. It doesn't exist in the gate and ... Thirteen Oxide


08:35 PM illumos gate Bug #15887: truss can fail to update data_model
Some testing notes for the aforementioned change. I wrote a simple test program that is simply a wrapper around @dig... Thirteen Oxide


07:23 PM illumos gate Feature #15888 (Closed): truss should include CTF
It doesn't have CTF now. It should, so we can debug it. Thirteen Oxide
06:02 AM illumos gate Bug #15887 (Closed): truss can fail to update data_model
We observed the following output when tracing a process executed via @zlogin@:... Thirteen Oxide


05:18 PM illumos gate Bug #15882: panic_quiesce and panic_dump are uninitialised
Well, then. A colleague gently suggested I go back and look at the standard. I did (C11, specifically ISO/IEC 9899:... Thirteen Oxide

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