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    ADO3XUZuHGcCxZwA7Ie8icgzJNSAu58frRw8+/2VrQ== wilbs@vbox_oi148

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OpenIndiana Distribution Manager 2011-01-14



12:00 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #726 (Closed): Virtual consoles should be enabled by default
Very useful feature on Linux. Would be nice to see in OI. Matt Wilby


12:31 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #663 (In Progress): no display during installation
Is this using the text installer or the live cd?
Matt Wilby


02:14 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #642 (Rejected): OI USB drive tutorial
There is already a guide on how to do this.
If you would...
Matt Wilby


08:54 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #617: in root cron error
This appears to work ok in oi_148.
root@vbox_oi148:~# sh -x /usr/lib/update-manager/
+ fmri=s...
Matt Wilby


10:28 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #232 (Closed): Networking failed after image-update
Matt Wilby
10:22 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #220: time slider not working
Fresh install of oi_148. Works as expected, can't reproduce. Have you tried this is a fresh install? Matt Wilby
10:06 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #488 (Feedback): VLC player
Could possibly be looked at as part of the wider OIAC, depending on number of maintainers and developers. Matt Wilby
07:30 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #634 (Closed): Live usb install to dd version testing (grub error)
Advice given. Matt Wilby


08:42 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #204 (Closed): pfexec doesn't seem to work
Duplicate. New bug #636 created to cover all instances (#204, #579, #619) . Matt Wilby
08:42 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #579 (Closed): root account locking after installation
Duplicate. New bug #636 created to cover all instances (#204, #579, #619) . Matt Wilby

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