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Reported issues: 166


04:03 PM illumos gate Bug #9674 (Closed): Let's scrap AVS/sdbc
The AVS (Availability Suite) is in illumos-gate, but a quick survey of OmniOS, SmartOS, and OpenIndiana indicate it's...


05:36 PM illumos gate Feature #9640: /dev/random should not block
Also for reference:
05:17 PM illumos gate Feature #9640 (New): /dev/random should not block
FreeBSD, e.g., collapse /dev/random and /dev/urandom into the same thing, a non-blocking source.
A google search s...


12:37 PM illumos gate Bug #9335: ficl: makesoftcore should be in tools
To be clear:
The makesoftcore is a helper tool to build compressed soft-core, used by both libficl and loader. Thi...


05:24 PM illumos gate Bug #9522 (Closed): mksh misreports errno
Not a bug in -gate -- gettext() preserves errno. I mistakenly thought SmartOS used -gate's dmake, it does not, see: ...


05:42 PM illumos gate Bug #9522 (Closed): mksh misreports errno
mksh has many instances of this anti-pattern:...


02:33 AM illumos gate Bug #9500 (Closed): HP scanner needs smaller SMB2 rwsize
Multiple reports of HP scanners or all-in-ones that "scan to network disk" seem to fail with recent illumos builds.


09:32 PM illumos gate Bug #8725: Update TCP's RTO even if incoming segment's TSecr is 0
Fresher FreeBSD link: http://src.illumos.org/source/xref/freebsd-head/sys/netinet/tcp_input.c#2795


02:15 AM illumos gate Feature #9352: netstat(1M) should be able to print IPv4 networks in CIDR form
NOTE: While netstat -c can handle non-contiguous netmasks, the kernel does not allow them anymore.


04:12 AM illumos gate Feature #9352: netstat(1M) should be able to print IPv4 networks in CIDR form

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