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illumos gate Manager, Developer, Committer 2011-02-03



06:10 AM illumos gate Bug #13457: smatch doesn't handle pragma-pack well
We've worked around this by #ifdef __sun__ around the I40E_CHECK_CMD_LENGTH() macro. Dan McDonald
05:47 AM illumos gate Bug #13457 (New): smatch doesn't handle pragma-pack well
Consider this structure from an upcoming i40e drop, and the existing compile-time assertion:... Dan McDonald


06:57 PM illumos gate Bug #13440: ppin disablement path missing state transition
Discovered on an AMD EPYC 7402P system from Dell. Did not have easy access to BIOS and BIOS settings, but the initia... Dan McDonald
03:01 PM illumos gate Bug #13438 (Closed): Update prototypes to 2021
Happy new year! Dan McDonald


04:50 PM illumos gate Bug #13317: Decrease contention on dn_struct_rwlock
OpenZFS issue link: Dan McDonald


04:16 PM illumos gate Bug #13357: Hot-Plugging NVMe drive to USB-C triggers system panic
What would be very helpful is the kernel coredump (vmdump.N), or at least for starters the /var/adm/messages* portion... Dan McDonald


12:09 AM illumos gate Bug #13334 (New): Recognize X710 10GBaseT device 8086,15ff
An OmniOS user reports that PCI ID 8086,15ff does not have i40e attach. A quick source dive confirms we do not suppo... Dan McDonald


04:24 PM illumos gate Bug #13329 (New): rpcsec & friends need to be zone-aware
Inspired by this smartos-live filing:, I dove into the source to s... Dan McDonald


01:28 PM illumos gate Bug #13242 (Closed): parse_user_name in PAM is sloppy
Looking for strcpy on a whim, and found the aforementioned function and its sloppiness. Dan McDonald


11:11 PM illumos gate Bug #13232 (New): Add support for IPv4/31 or IPv6/127
Many networking equipment vendors provide /31 IPv4 addresses or /127 IPv6 address to attached nodes.
One *can* con...
Dan McDonald

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