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  • Registered on: 2011-01-03
  • Last connection: 2017-04-04


  • IKE (Manager, Developer, Committer, 2012-02-12)
  • illumos gate (Developer, Committer, 2011-02-03)


Reported issues: 136


02:31 PM illumos gate Bug #8100: 8021 seems to cause random BAD TRAP: type=d (#gp General protection)
> savecore: bad magic number baddcafe
Ooooh, 0xbaddcafe == uninitialized allocated memory with a debug kernel or k...


05:34 PM illumos gate Bug #8085 (Closed): Handle RPC groups better
The RPC code has problems when confronted with large numbers of groups.


06:21 PM illumos gate Bug #7185: IP DCEs leak from halted non-global zones
The DCE netstack teardown code assumes (incorrectly) that all DCEs have been unlinked from the hash buckets by interf...


04:38 PM illumos gate Bug #8034: shutdown(1M) needs modernizing
Upon review, forking off background processes is considered a Bad Idea (TM) for shutdown(1M).
Also, shutdown needs...


03:17 PM illumos gate Bug #8034 (Closed): shutdown(1M) needs modernizing
In some distros, the shutdown(1M) command is invoked as part of brand-specific processing. Currently, shutdown(1M) ma...


03:17 PM illumos gate Bug #3476: Contribute Nexenta mpt_sas(7D) mods back to Illumos
Has anyone done a diff between illumos-nexenta's mpt_sas and gate's?


01:54 PM illumos gate Bug #7983: loader: pxe.h constants have wrong values
See here for the spec: http://download.intel.com/design/archives/wfm/downloads/pxespec.pdf


12:50 PM illumos gate Bug #4454: Kernel panic on switching off SAS disk shelf, assertion failed: ldi_strategy
This bug popped up on the OmniOS mailing list today:


04:21 PM illumos gate Bug #6653: dtrace modifies ELF string table causing problems for linker
Adding myself to the watchlist, as OmniOS is frozen on binutils 2.25 until such time as this issue is addressed.
04:19 PM illumos gate Bug #7974 (Closed): usba: usba_process_cv_descr() needs to handle companion descs
Inspired by this report: https://github.com/joyent/smartos-live/issues/694 and seeing that our own Seagate USB3 drive...

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