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Reported issues: 171


09:08 PM illumos gate Bug #10409: ipf sometimes freezes RFC 1323 transfers
With the proposed fix in place, packets for large transfers are much smoother (observed by snoop -o /dev/null and wat...
09:03 PM illumos gate Bug #10409 (New): ipf sometimes freezes RFC 1323 transfers
Discovered in SmartOS https://smartos.org/bugview/OS-7586
Something is triggering packet drops, or at least one pa...


04:00 PM illumos gate Bug #10341: uts: boot_fb_eraseline_impl() may use uninitialized variable
This is an interesting case of gcc evaluating inside a loop, but being unaware of what was done outside its context, ...


07:05 PM illumos gate Bug #10262 (Closed): excessive page destruction caused by 6602
This is an upstream from SmartOS of OS-7483 ==> https://smartos.org/bugview/OS-7483
The analysis there is quite th...


03:58 PM illumos gate Bug #10256 (New): SCTP may need to check for NULL sf_ixa
Issue #10085 removes a superfluous NULL-pointer check. The check removed, however, may need to be replaced instead w...


12:49 AM illumos gate Bug #10200: loader: spinconsole updates
> How was this one tested?
set console=spin,ttya and then did cause output on console (via ttya) and spinner was r...


06:59 PM illumos gate Bug #10072: ip: timeout takes void (*)(void *) as callback
Tested by checking disassemblies of affected mi_* functions. Only noted differences were in line numbers passed to a...


09:53 PM illumos gate Bug #9787: snoop: add tftp OACK support
From the RTI: "Tested by snooping illumos network boot."


07:43 PM illumos gate Bug #9866 (New): Consolidate in_cksum() in userspace
There are 7 different implementations of it in userspace. Six of them appear to be nearly identical, the 7th has an ...


08:51 PM illumos gate Bug #9855 (New): list_next/list_prev needs a bit more detail

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