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illumos gate Manager, Developer, Committer 2011-02-03



03:20 PM illumos gate Feature #14187 (New): custr_remove can act on its no-more-gcc4 comment
And I quote:... Dan McDonald


10:28 PM illumos gate Feature #13985: Support building with OpenSSL 3.0
A not-immediately-obvious caveat is that OpenSSL 3.0 should be configured with `--api=1.1.1`, as configuring OpenSSL ... Dan McDonald


08:46 PM illumos gate Bug #14136: acctadm *SOMETIMES* triggers smatch error
Jason King wrote in #note-1:
> What happens if you label die() as __NORETURN in utils.h?
Like this?...
Dan McDonald
12:42 AM illumos gate Bug #14136 (New): acctadm *SOMETIMES* triggers smatch error
It's been more frequent of late in our Jenkins builds. We're seeing:... Dan McDonald
07:11 PM illumos gate Feature #14140 (New): timer_create()/timer_settime() could work with thread/proc clocks
This is a followup to #14126 , requesting timer_create() and timer_settime() support.
I'm attaching a primitive te...
Dan McDonald
06:20 PM illumos gate Bug #13700: illumos-ffe7853a48 panics on genunix:pollhead_delete+55 for posgresql-HEAD buildfarm tests
Sorry for not seeing this earlier.
In your initial posting, register `rdi` has some STRANGE contents. This sugges...
Dan McDonald


03:32 AM illumos gate Feature #14129: Add NATIVE_CFLAGS64, NATIVE_CCFLAGS64, and rebind NATIVE*64
Test ran:
git clone ~/ws/illumos-gate experiment
fgbuild experiment.env
mv experiment before
git clone ~/ws/ill...
Dan McDonald


07:04 PM illumos gate Bug #14132 (New): possible use-after-free in be_do_copy_grub_cap()
Once in a rare while our SmartOS Jenkins builds will croak with:
Dan McDonald
01:39 AM illumos gate Feature #14129 (Closed): Add NATIVE_CFLAGS64, NATIVE_CCFLAGS64, and rebind NATIVE*64
While bringing up gcc10 on SmartOS/illumos-joyent, our out-of-order build strategy encountered a problem which can be... Dan McDonald


07:53 PM illumos gate Bug #14127: ld(1) can double free when cleaning up
For additional testing, I'd recommend contacting distro-runners with instructions to:
- Build their illumos with t...
Dan McDonald

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