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12:17 PM site Bug #206: Need better bug tracking system
I don't think OpenSolaris, with its two bug tracking systems, serves as a good reference. Before even reporting a bug... none none


08:33 AM site Bug #206 (Rejected): Need better bug tracking system
Many issues are being reported without steps to reproduce and sometimes with just an error message and no further inf... none none
08:27 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #203: Keyboard configuration is not preserved across upgrades
kdb is now configured by a SMF service (not /etc/default/kbd anymore) since b145.... none none
08:25 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #204: pfexec doesn't seem to work
The /etc/user_attr for user 'jack' in the LiveCD doesn't have this problem. Confirmed issue exists on a installed sys... none none
08:08 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #205: Crash in package manager
Please add the steps to reproduce it. none none

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