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07:28 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #738 (Closed): Installation of OpenOffice 3.10 shows error
Using Package Manager, after installation package shows error (although package manager writes installation successfu... Andrey Sazonov


08:16 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #722 (Closed): Every restart resolv.conf refreshes to the defaults
Every restart resolv.conf contains the same, some service (nwam?) probably refreshes it by the defaults.
Screenshot ...
Andrey Sazonov
04:51 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #718 (Closed): Starting X warnings could not update /.ICEauthority file, oi_148
On booting gnome warnings (look at the picture):
"Could not update ICEAuthority file /home/user/.ICEauthority"
Andrey Sazonov
04:48 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #717 (Closed): Hangs up during boot and warning oi_148
Installation on drive and running OS under Virtual Box 4.0.2 with 574 Mb RAM and 32 Video RAM.
Boot hangs, when pre...
Andrey Sazonov
04:30 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #716 (Closed): Not enabled "Next" buttons in window on oi_148 installation from LiveDVD
During installation from LiveDVD 148, "Next" button, also "Reboot" at the end, looks that they're disabled. On settin... Andrey Sazonov

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