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05:30 PM illumos gate Feature #10578 (Duplicate): implement fmemopen(3C)
Joshua M. Clulow
05:33 AM illumos gate Feature #12930 (New): scsa2usb needs some serious cleanup
There is a lot of the arcane in @scsa2usb@. We should clean up:
* There is a relatively baroque debug logging inf...
Joshua M. Clulow


06:49 AM illumos gate Bug #12929 (New): scsa2usb should ignore dubious residue in command status wrapper
The @scsa2usb@ driver (USB mass storage through the SCSI framework) has a facility for managing behavioural quirks in... Joshua M. Clulow


03:37 AM illumos gate Bug #12713 (Duplicate): Network error after udating to 2020.04 / bge0: DL_BIND_REQ failed
Joshua M. Clulow


06:53 AM site Bug #12723 (Closed): Versions page cannot be reached in Redmine.
Joshua M. Clulow
06:53 AM site Bug #12723: Versions page cannot be reached in Redmine.
Sorry about that! I believe this should now work correctly. Joshua M. Clulow


12:07 AM illumos gate Bug #12604: w needs to use line name instead of pid
From Yuri:
h1. Output before the change:...
Joshua M. Clulow


04:15 PM illumos gate Bug #12747: sigsetjmp should allow for 8 byte aligned buffer on amd64
I was curious about how exactly we end up with this alignment, so I looked into it a little. Note that @sigjmp_buf@ ... Joshua M. Clulow


01:26 AM illumos gate Bug #12874 (Closed): small errors in wcswidth(3C)
The page includes a paragraph that begins @The function wcwidth_l() behaves identically to wcwidth()@. This refers t... Joshua M. Clulow


07:53 PM illumos gate Bug #2092: terrible performance from PCFS
giahung 1997tn wrote:
> What about just remove it? Do we can't remove it because the EFI partition is FAT32?
Joshua M. Clulow

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