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05:22 PM illumos gate Support #10550 (Closed): Support for FTDI FT230XQ interface
Joshua Clulow
05:21 PM illumos gate Feature #10534 (Closed): uts: update usbdevs
Joshua Clulow


05:18 PM illumos gate Bug #10499: Multi-modifier protection (MMP)
The second push fixes the build race seen on some systems -- but, of course, not all! Joshua Clulow
07:39 AM illumos gate Bug #10499: Multi-modifier protection (MMP)
It would seem that this integration broke the build. From @mail_msg@:... Joshua Clulow


07:27 PM illumos gate Bug #10623 (New): ZFS should be more aggressive in updating vdev devid
Under some conditions, ZFS will check to see if a disk vdev has an updated devid when opening the vdev. The code cur... Joshua Clulow
07:18 PM illumos gate Bug #10622 (New): ZFS should still check paths for devices that have no devid
Many block devices have a unique @devid@ that identifies the particular physical media; e.g., a specific hard disk, o... Joshua Clulow
05:34 AM illumos gate Bug #10012: vioblk should not accept an all-zero serial number
The current draft version of the Virtio specific version 1.1 is available at:
Joshua Clulow


08:03 PM illumos gate Bug #10544: loader: console needs to test for failed devices
h3. Testing Notes (from Toomas Soome)
Tested by setting the console devices and confirming the expected outcome.
Joshua Clulow


07:35 PM illumos gate Feature #10292 (Closed): Add percentage unit type to sensor abstraction layer
Joshua Clulow


10:36 PM illumos gate Bug #10592: misc. metaslab and vdev related ZoL bug fixes
h1. Notes from original commits
h2. 8eef99767 Error path in metaslab_load_impl() forgets to drop ms_sync_lock
Joshua Clulow

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