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illumos gate Manager, Developer, Committer 2010-07-30
site Manager, Developer, Reporter, Wiki Editor, Committer 2011-05-03



09:40 PM illumos gate Bug #11897: mandoc lint says "PP after SH" when it's actually LP
Perhaps @Paragraph breaks (LP or PP) are not necessary after SH@ Joshua M. Clulow


12:06 AM illumos gate Feature #15343 (New): package metadata could contain git branch and commit
We currently use _Set Actions_ to attach a variety of metadata to a package:... Joshua M. Clulow


11:09 PM illumos gate Bug #15309: zfs_acl_chmod_aclmode_001_pos is failing
We are pushing a follow-up commit for this, to fix something that was missed in testing. The notes below are from To... Joshua M. Clulow
07:58 AM illumos gate Bug #15337: /dev/dld link should be managed via devfsadm
Perhaps we should put a comment to that effect in the packaging manifest, as it is at least somewhat unusual. Joshua M. Clulow


07:20 PM illumos gate Feature #15318: Add LOG_MAKEPRI macro
As an aside for the future, #15317 and #15318 could just have been a single bug that described both additions. Bugs ... Joshua M. Clulow


09:45 PM illumos gate Bug #15303 (New): kmdb should absorb bracketed paste control sequences
Pasting potentially untrusted or unexpectedly multi-line text into a terminal has (and, really, continues to be) a so... Joshua M. Clulow


09:22 AM illumos gate Bug #7810 (Duplicate): libdiksmgt does not report about all virtio block devices
Joshua M. Clulow


04:14 AM illumos gate Bug #15228 (New): tar should extract compressed streams on stdin
Our @tar@ does not appear to support the use of the compression flags (i.e., @j@, @z@, etc) when directed to extract ... Joshua M. Clulow


10:55 AM illumos gate Bug #15205 (New): SCardBeginTransaction should probably block
According to the Windows documentation, "the SCardBeginTransaction function": Joshua M. Clulow
09:40 AM illumos gate Feature #15204: libpcsc could use some additional routines
With a patched and a few minor porting changes to the Yubikey software, I was able to get it to do thing... Joshua M. Clulow

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