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illumos gate Manager, Developer, Committer 2010-07-30
site Manager, Developer, Reporter, Wiki Editor, Committer 2011-05-03



08:20 PM illumos gate Bug #13879 (New): flock(3C) on NFS files should fail with EOPNOTSUPP
Our @flock(3C)@ support does not presently support locking files on remote file systems like NFS (see @F_REMOTELOCK@,... Joshua M. Clulow


06:18 PM illumos gate Feature #13842: thread-local errno is all you need
In addition to @errno@, there is a similar global @t_errno@ variable defined in other headers (@tiuser.h@, @xti.h@, e... Joshua M. Clulow
06:14 PM illumos gate Feature #13842: thread-local errno is all you need
See also: Joshua M. Clulow
06:11 PM illumos gate Feature #13842 (New): thread-local errno is all you need
Many modern C/C++ programs use threads. The mechanics of @errno@ in threaded programs is slightly more complex than ... Joshua M. Clulow


12:37 AM illumos gate Bug #13818 (New): Insyde BMC virtual CD-ROM confused by MODE SENSE
Many baseboard management controllers (BMC) include a facility to attach an ISO file as an emulated CD-ROM drive, all... Joshua M. Clulow
12:33 AM illumos gate Bug #13817 (New): scsa2usb quirks list does not correctly use revision field
The USB mass storage driver (@scsa2usb@) handles device-specific quirks of implementation with a table of IDs. This ... Joshua M. Clulow


08:28 PM illumos gate Feature #13776: ship demangle-sys.h
h1. Testing Notes
Built with updated package, checked repo with @pkgrepo contents@. Updated with @onu@ and confirme...
Joshua M. Clulow


05:58 PM illumos gate Feature #13776 (New): ship demangle-sys.h
Though @libdemangle-sys@ is a private interface, we ship a compilation symlink and we should ship the header as well.... Joshua M. Clulow


03:48 AM illumos gate Feature #13726 (New): distinguish ourselves with a macro
As we try to get upstream patches into more and more software, it would help a lot to have a globally visible macro t... Joshua M. Clulow


04:37 AM illumos gate Feature #13677: pwait -v should decode wait status
I suspect Rich probably meant that in addition to printing the numeric value, we could print a string that describes ... Joshua M. Clulow

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