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Graphics/DRM Developer 2017-06-19
illumos gate Manager, Developer, Committer 2012-03-27



11:06 AM illumos gate Bug #14354 (Closed): mDNSResponder spins checking interfaces
There's a bug in mdnsd causing it to spin in a tight loop when checking interfaces. I can easily reproduce it just by... Hans Rosenfeld


03:33 PM illumos gate Bug #14168 (New): bootadm install-bootloader fails on pool imported with altroot
I created a new pool and specified an altroot, copied all datasets over, manually set bootfs to the correct BE, and t... Hans Rosenfeld
03:30 PM illumos gate Bug #14167 (New): bootadm install-bootloader fails silently
bootadm install-bootloader could be a little bit more helpful and print an error message when it encounters an error:... Hans Rosenfeld


03:23 PM illumos gate Bug #14082 (New): DHCP (IPv4) over IPMP not working
During my testing of #2554 I noticed that using DHCP (IPv4) over IPMP is not working.
Trying to configure a DHCP a...
Hans Rosenfeld


03:02 PM illumos gate Feature #13864: want 64bit libipmp
Testing done: Building with CTF typechecks, and using it with a 64bit ipmpstat(1M) (see #14015). Hans Rosenfeld


02:54 PM illumos gate Feature #2554: ipadm needs IPMP configuration support
Here's a list of commits from illumos-nexenta that need to be ported:
* 486fefb2e0: OS-161: Integrate IPMP changes
Hans Rosenfeld
02:45 PM illumos gate Bug #14015 (New): want 64bit ipmpstat(1M)
For testing the 64bit libipmp changes in #13995 I needed a test program. ipmpstat(1M) seemed like a good candidate an... Hans Rosenfeld
02:40 PM illumos gate Bug #14014 (Closed): set correct for 64bit rootfs commands
For commands installed in the root FS (like, in /sbin), Makefile.cmd hardcodes /lib/ as interpreter. Since all... Hans Rosenfeld


03:21 PM illumos gate Bug #13995 (Closed): libipmp <--> in.mpathd communication not 64bit safe
libipmp and in.mpathd communicate by copying structs and arrays comprising the IPMP state across a TCP socket. The in... Hans Rosenfeld


01:06 PM illumos gate Bug #13984 (New): boot hangs every now and then on Thinkpad W520/T530
I'm using an older Thinkpad W520 as a test machine running OpenIndiana. I noticed that about every other boot hangs s... Hans Rosenfeld

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