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09:01 PM illumos gate Bug #4400: kernel panic
Keyboard hotplug events are because I'm using a 4 port KVM switch to access the system. I've got the coredump if yo... Reginald Beardsley


12:16 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #4699 (Closed): No man page for nslookup
OI 151a8 has no man page for nslookup, but does have the executable in /usr/sbin Reginald Beardsley


05:12 PM illumos gate Bug #4400: kernel panic
I attempted to upload crash.0 when I created the report. Maybe it will get there this time Reginald Beardsley
04:05 PM illumos gate Bug #4400: kernel panic
I'm not running any external services so I don't have a convenient mechanism at the moment. I'll look into finding a... Reginald Beardsley
02:17 PM illumos gate Bug #4400 (New): kernel panic
I think this includes everything requested in the wiki. If not please let me know. I've saved the contents of /var/... Reginald Beardsley
02:38 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #4401 (Closed): Reporting issues via OpenIndiana browser menu
Searching the OI wiki for "panic" does not find the Illumos instructions for issue reporting. The "Report a bug in... Reginald Beardsley


06:36 PM illumos gate Bug #614: catman should execute nawk
Why not just use "The One True Awk"?
As for the many awks issue, ...
Reginald Beardsley


12:53 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #3562 (Closed): Build environment on LiveDVD
Could we include an account on the LiveDVD configured to build the binaries from source along w/ the option to instal... Reginald Beardsley


02:25 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #3556 (New): Problem w/ 3 TB 4k sector USB disk on oi_151a7
format(1m) reports disk (Toshiba Canvio) as 4kB sector and creates EFI label per EFI spec at 0x1000. prtvtoc & ftmh... Reginald Beardsley


10:10 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #3421 (Closed): X11 hangs on OI 151a5
I'm experiencing random hangs of X11. Mouse moves, but can't select anything, move or iconify windows. Only option ... Reginald Beardsley

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