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Reported issues: 741


03:12 PM illumos gate Bug #9846 (New): nvme driver shouldn't panic from userland commands
While trying to test changes to 9809, I encountered a panic without running my bits. Running nvmeadm get-features on ...


02:04 PM illumos gate Bug #9806: ehci_take_control() can infinite loop due to PCI invalid reads
Unfortunately, it's unlikely that this is what's causing 9836. The way this manifested was as an infinite loop during...


05:08 PM illumos gate Feature #9824 (New): Update ACPI to joyent/20180629
Update the ACPI in illumos-gate to joyent/20180629 to deal with 9823. For more information on the background and test...
05:05 PM illumos gate Bug #9823 (New): Deadlock in ACPI Method Evaluation

We've seen on several different systems and boots ( cases where...
04:58 PM illumos gate Feature #9822 (New): want iasl
As we're building all of the ACPI related changes it'd be nice if we also included iasl. This moves around a bunch of...
04:57 PM illumos gate Feature #9821 (New): want a way to run vendor-specific commands via libscsi
When trying to create an action in libscsi, which is effectively a command to run, it needs to know how to determine ...
04:56 PM illumos gate Feature #9820 (New): Want risc-v disassembler
It'd be nice if dis understood the risc-v instruction set.
To test this, I built a risc-v specific gas and ...
04:54 PM illumos gate Feature #9819 (New): update sys/elf.h for recent processors like aarch64/risc-v
The sys/elf.h header hasn't been updated for some time. There are many newer machine constants and types that would b...
04:53 PM illumos gate Bug #9818 (New): xhci_transfer_get_tdsize can return values that are too large
While testing other changes in xhci, I discovered a case where we had a bunch of bulk transfers stall and hang. When ...
04:52 PM illumos gate Bug #9817 (New): xhci needs to always set slot context
When performing an XHCI evaluate context as part of adding or removing endpoints from the slot context, we need to ma...

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