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12:19 AM illumos gate Feature #12225: normalize complex float names across compilers
I tested this by seeing that clang (with other changes present) passed the CTF test suite and by using ctfwsdiff to v... Robert Mustacchi
12:18 AM illumos gate Bug #12307: Fix markup errors in mtx(3C)
Tested this mostly by using man(1). Robert Mustacchi


03:47 PM illumos gate Bug #12307 (Closed): Fix markup errors in mtx(3C)
I noticed several issues with the markup in the RETURN VALUES section of mtx(3C) while looking at it recently. This f... Robert Mustacchi


03:09 PM illumos gate Bug #12304 (New): risc-v dis instruction alignment too restrictive
While reviewing the risc-v ISA docs, I discovered that I mistakenly over-restricted the alignment of instructions in ... Robert Mustacchi


03:15 PM illumos gate Feature #12227: libctf incorrectly handles clang anonymous unions
I tested this by running updated versions of the CTF test suite against clang. I also regression tested this by runni... Robert Mustacchi
03:12 PM illumos gate Bug #12224: ctfconvert conv backend error missing newline
I tested this by hitting the error case again and ensuring new lines were present. Robert Mustacchi


04:29 PM illumos gate Bug #12280: typo in dup3(3C) synopsis
Tested this by looking at the new page with man. Robert Mustacchi


09:49 PM illumos gate Bug #12283 (Closed): ctfconvert hangs in libctf on C++ binaries
This is 12227: Robert Mustacchi
04:18 PM illumos gate Bug #12280 (Closed): typo in dup3(3C) synopsis
The dup3(3C) manual page has a typo in its synopsis. Mainly that the formatting character to bold the last argument w... Robert Mustacchi


07:24 AM illumos gate Feature #12183: Want new IPD 13 DMA Cookie APIs
This has been tested mostly by others. Alex and Paul both tested it on systems where they were using the work in prog... Robert Mustacchi

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