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Reported issues: 757


11:09 PM illumos gate Feature #10263 (New): Update cpuid detection for new EPYC Socket format
We have a bunch of logic to keep track of AMD-specific socket form factors. We should update the cpuid detection to c...


12:21 AM illumos gate Bug #10243 (New): topo_node_label_set() should take a const char* instead of char*
It's a minor issue, but it'd be preferable if topo_node_label_set() took a const char* as the type for the "label" pa...
12:20 AM illumos gate Feature #10242: Project Tiresias: USB topology
* Verified that we see generic ACPI port mapping on various systems (NUCs, Haswell client 1s, etc.)
* Veri...
12:18 AM illumos gate Feature #10242 (New): Project Tiresias: USB topology
This is a ticket that goes through and adds support for USB topology to the system. It allows for us to construct top...


04:48 PM illumos gate Feature #10226 (Closed): Need support for new EPYC ISA extensions
There are a number of ISA extensions present in EPYC. We need to make sure that these are all plumbed through.
I w...


07:08 PM illumos gate Feature #10223 (Closed): Want topo maps for various SMCI systems
This adds topology maps for various SMCI systems and their Joyent aliases. For most of these, we're using the factory...
04:11 PM illumos gate Bug #10220 (Closed): libproc ia32 Pstack_iter() should leverage ctf
libproc provides the Pstack_iter() function. When debugging i386 processes, it tries to guess the number of arguments...
04:09 PM illumos gate Bug #10219 (Closed): AV_386_2_AVX512VPOPCDQ elfcap name should be consistent
Currently the naming scheme for AV_386_2_AVX512VPOPCDQ is different in different string forms. Some use an underscore...
04:08 PM illumos gate Bug #10218 (Closed): CONV_CAP_VAL_HW2_BUFSIZE wasn't updated
While working on other matters, I was noticed something odd in elfdump of the notes section. Look at the hwcap2 entry...
04:06 PM illumos gate Bug #10217 (Closed): mdb: r9w isn't r8w
While debugging something I noticed something strange. Mainly that r9 was working in mdb but trying to use r9w was no...

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