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02:38 PM illumos gate Bug #13059: Dell R630 - X2APIC enabled cause boot hang
OK, that's good to hear. I'd recommend that you try and do this over the Dell Serial over lan console if possible, as... Robert Mustacchi
05:11 AM illumos gate Bug #2955 (Closed): CTF utils should use intptr_t isntead of int to be 64-bit aware
I believe the code that this used to refer no longer exists, it was removed with #11657. Robert Mustacchi
05:04 AM illumos gate Bug #5600 (Closed): type inconsistent with format introduced in ctf.c
As of #11657 the file this refers to which used to be @usr/src/tools/ctf/cvt/ctf.c@ was removed from the source tree. Robert Mustacchi


03:16 PM illumos gate Bug #11064: md_clear is misspelt
To test this I ran a wsdiff against the system. Notably there were two entries that weren't due to the normal DOF/tim... Robert Mustacchi
01:42 AM illumos gate Feature #13080: Add support for cxgbe temp/volt sensor
Ryan Zezeski helped me test this. He had two parts and we were able to see them show up with advertisements in topo:
Robert Mustacchi


11:15 PM illumos gate Feature #13174 (New): mac_prop_info_set_default_fec should be added to mac_prop_info(9F)
When @mac_prop_info_set_default_fec@ was added, we didn't update mac_prop_info(9F). We should add it to that. Robert Mustacchi


04:50 PM illumos gate Bug #13168 (Closed): reality should reflect the mac_prop_id_t comment
There's a comment at the top of the @mac_prop_id_t@ enumeration:... Robert Mustacchi
06:09 AM illumos gate Bug #8275: HP ProBook 450 G4 (Kaby Lake, 7. gen) with ACPI hangs at boot
This smells like #9823 by the description. Robert Mustacchi
05:36 AM illumos gate Bug #13071: igb(7D) needs to mention it's GLDv3, not STREAMS
While here, I'm going to update the manual page to cover things like what devices are supported. Point folks towards ... Robert Mustacchi


03:38 PM illumos gate Bug #5218 (Closed): posix definition of NULL
This work was ultimately finished up by a collection of a number of different people. Toomas in particular took the c... Robert Mustacchi

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