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07:45 PM illumos gate Feature #11477: `man` could strcasecmp the section name for `man <name>.<section>`
Pages that double in case don't change at all. This is purely about the section that they're in. A uio(9S) and UIO(9S... Robert Mustacchi
07:01 PM illumos gate Feature #11477 (New): `man` could strcasecmp the section name for `man <name>.<section>`
Today, most manual page sections are capitalized. This means that when man says to read something like shutdown(1M), ... Robert Mustacchi


10:07 PM illumos gate Feature #11377 (Closed): cxgbe MAC_CAPAB_LED support
Chelsio has added support for MAC_CAPAB_LED to cxgbe.
I (rm) have tested this on a T5 and T6 by using dlled, chang...
Robert Mustacchi
09:51 PM illumos gate Feature #11376 (New): PCIe speeds and feeds should be exposed to userland
As part of our broader efforts around phy management, we should make sure to go through and expose PCIe link widths a... Robert Mustacchi
09:51 PM illumos gate Feature #11375 (New): Clean up pcie module -Wno-uninitialized and -Wno-parentheses
As part of doing other work in the pcie driver, we should clean up a few of the gcc warnings that are more straightfo... Robert Mustacchi
09:50 PM illumos gate Feature #11374 (New): Clean up pcieb CERRWARN and smatch
As other work is being done on the pcieb driver, we should clean up all the currently gagged warnings.
Robert Mustacchi
09:48 PM illumos gate Feature #11373 (New): pcieb should enable link bandwidth notifications
We should go through and enable the link bandwidth notifications for devices that exist in the system so that way whe... Robert Mustacchi
09:46 PM illumos gate Feature #11372 (New): Want PCIe dcmds and walkers
It would be useful to have an mdb walker that knew how to iterate over the various pcie_bus_t structures in the kerne... Robert Mustacchi
09:45 PM illumos gate Feature #11371 (New): Record PCIe gen 4 caps
11367 introduced the idea of capturing the speed and lane widths of various PCIe devices. We should update this to no... Robert Mustacchi
09:44 PM illumos gate Feature #11370 (New): Update PCIe capability headers for PCIe 4.x
This does an initial update of the <sys/pcie.h> header to account for new information in the PCIe 4.x specification. ... Robert Mustacchi

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