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illumos gate Manager, Developer, Committer 2011-08-10



12:31 AM illumos gate Feature #13449: cxgbe IPv6 checksum and LSO support
To test this, I manually had a workspace where I reverted the TSO disablement for IPv6 and pulled in my fix for #1355... Robert Mustacchi
12:26 AM illumos gate Feature #13554: vnics should advertise IPv6 checksums
In addition to Ryan's testing, I verified that the ill_t properly advertised checksum support over a T6 which has sup... Robert Mustacchi


02:55 AM illumos gate Feature #13563 (New): Update nvmeadm status codes to 1.4
Following on #13562 we should next turn to the command status and codes and update the tables for NVMe 1.4. Robert Mustacchi
02:25 AM illumos gate Feature #13534: Document IPv6 LSO in mac(9E)
Tested by looking at the page in man. Robert Mustacchi
02:17 AM illumos gate Bug #13562: zlogin for Solaris10 branded zones does not work after implementation of Feature #13274
It seems likely we need an exception for the stack protector in the S10 brand shared object. If we have a fix for thi... Robert Mustacchi


12:38 AM illumos gate Feature #13555: Offer common aliases for operators `-a`, `-o`, and `!` in find(1)
I'm taking a look at the source and it does seem like we have all three of these present in cmd/find/find.c:... Robert Mustacchi


04:36 PM illumos gate Feature #13407: reduce smatch gags in t4nex
I've tested this primarily through using the devices while working through and testing #13408, #13449, and #13554. I ... Robert Mustacchi
04:21 PM illumos gate Feature #13554 (Closed): vnics should advertise IPv6 checksums
The @vnic@ driver today doesn't blindly pass through all of the checksum features that the underlying device supports... Robert Mustacchi


09:37 PM illumos gate Feature #13534 (Closed): Document IPv6 LSO in mac(9E)
We should document what's required for IPv6 LSO support, including the fact that there's no requirement for support I... Robert Mustacchi
06:01 PM illumos gate Feature #13530 (New): Update nvmeadm identify to 1.4
We should update the output of @nvmeadm identify@ for both the primary namespace and controller today only knows abou... Robert Mustacchi

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