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04:04 AM illumos gate Feature #12830: Want centralized ksensor framework
This was tested in a number of different avenues:
* The basic ksensor test suite that I wrote for this (and the re...
Robert Mustacchi
03:52 AM illumos gate Feature #12831: temperature sensors could describe accuracy
This was tested indirectly as part of the broader testing effort in 12380. Robert Mustacchi
03:51 AM illumos gate Feature #12832: topo support for generic PCI device temp sensors
This was tested in conjunction with #12385. In that change @igb(7D)@ leverages the facilities here which causes the n... Robert Mustacchi
03:49 AM illumos gate Feature #12835: Want support for I350 temperature sensor
To test this I ran these bits on a system that had the I350 and verified that it showed up in fmtopo. Here's an examp... Robert Mustacchi
03:46 AM illumos gate Feature #12834: Rewrite amdbnbtemp to use the ksensor framework
This was tested by Andy F who kindly booted bits with this against an older system that supports amdnbtemp. He verifi... Robert Mustacchi
03:37 AM illumos gate Feature #12833: Rewrite pchtemp to use the ksensor framework
I tested this by passing through an instance of pchtemp to a VM that had the Cannon Point-LP device (pci8086,9df9) an... Robert Mustacchi


04:17 PM illumos gate Bug #12919 (New): cfgadm error message when no devices found is rather confusing
When attempting to list devices with cfgadm, if none are present, then both @config_list()@ and @config_list_ext()@ r... Robert Mustacchi


02:35 PM illumos gate Bug #12874: small errors in wcswidth(3C)
I tested this by using man(1). Robert Mustacchi


03:32 PM illumos gate Feature #12904 (New): Update nvme health logpage and temp thresholds
NVMe 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4 have extended the nvme health logpage information and added additional temperature sensors and... Robert Mustacchi


05:27 PM illumos gate Bug #12898: ctf enum size detection should use DW_AT_byte_size
To verify this I also went through and did a diff of the ctf before and after and the only change was in libctf due t... Robert Mustacchi

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