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Reported issues: 712


05:14 PM illumos gate Bug #9662 (Closed): fpu alignment pragmas broken on newer gcc
During the implementation of 9597 Want hypervisor API for FPU management, there were two structure prototypes that we...


11:32 PM illumos gate Feature #9658 (New): Update cxgbe to deal with newer flash modules
There's a minor update to cxgbe to allow support in the driver for some different flash chips which are in use on parts.


09:16 PM illumos gate Feature #9598 (Closed): Need Eager FPU
Historically x86 has used a lazy FPU that restores the FPU registers in the context a #NM handler based on when the F...
09:16 PM illumos gate Bug #9597 (Closed): Want hypervisor API for FPU management
Today KVM and bhyve each reimplement all of the FPU saving and restoring logic, often duplicating much of the logic e...
09:15 PM illumos gate Bug #9596 (Closed): Initial xsave xstate_bv should not include all features
This issue is related to 9595 but ultimately is pernicious enough
that it deserves its own bug. The xstate_bv vector...
09:13 PM illumos gate Feature #9595 (Closed): rtld should conditionally save AVX-512 state
One of the challenges with the AVX-512 state is that using AVX-512 registers can lead to a known decrease in performa...


08:31 PM illumos gate Bug #9574 (Closed): smbios(1M) shouldn't print non-existant bios versions
After fixing 9573, I went through and looked for cases where we would have failed to trigger this behavior. One case ...
08:30 PM illumos gate Bug #9573 (Closed): overshifted smbios major version leads to undershifted data
The smbios routines often need to check against the library and table image version. These come into us as a pair of ...
08:27 PM illumos gate Feature #9572 (Closed): smb_impl.h structs should comment corresponding type
There are many different structures in smb_impl.h that each represent a common structure from the SMBIOS specificatio...
08:26 PM illumos gate Feature #9571 (Closed): smbios(1M) could decode temperature probes
A system's smbios data includes temperature probes. We should consider decoding these and printing something human-re...

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