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05:55 AM illumos gate Feature #10953: Need mitigations for MDS
To test this, we've done some of the following:
* Running various OS test suites
* Running bhyve, kvm, lx, SmartO...
Robert Mustacchi


05:16 PM illumos gate Feature #10953 (Closed): Need mitigations for MDS
We need mitigations for a series of CPU side channel vulnerabilities that affect Intel CPUs called multi-architectura... Robert Mustacchi


04:42 AM illumos gate Feature #10946 (New): Want penv and pauxv
We'd like to introduce common aliases for getting the environment and aux vector from pargs. These would accept a sub... Robert Mustacchi
04:40 AM illumos gate Feature #10945 (New): ddi_regs_map_setup(9F) could clarify rnumber
When writing a new PCIe device driver, a common question is what is the value that should be placed into the nrumber ... Robert Mustacchi
04:40 AM illumos gate Bug #10944 (New): scsi_hba_tgtmap_set_end(9F) missing flags argument
The scsi_hba_tgtmap_set_end(9F) manual page is missing a description of the flags argument that it takes. This is a r... Robert Mustacchi


04:02 PM illumos gate Feature #10943 (New): nm should be smatch and CERRWARN clean
nm could use with some clean up. This makes it CERRWARN and smatch clean and cleans up some of the C style along the ... Robert Mustacchi
04:01 PM illumos gate Feature #10942 (New): want nm option to not sort symbols
Sometimes when using nm, you want to output symbols just based on the order in the symbol table. While it's possible ... Robert Mustacchi
04:00 PM illumos gate Feature #10941 (New): mdb deserves a modulus operator
mdb does not at this time have a modulus operator, but it should. This is likely a hold over from adb. While there is... Robert Mustacchi
03:59 PM illumos gate Feature #10940 (New): open(9E) should talk more about FEXCL
open(9E) doesn't really talk as much as it could about how to handle FEXCL in a driver. We should add some more detai... Robert Mustacchi
03:58 PM illumos gate Bug #10939 (New): libdiskstatus trusts disk mode sense data to its death
We encountered fmd dumping core with the following stack:... Robert Mustacchi

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