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Reported issues: 662


06:32 PM illumos gate Bug #8674: mdb txg_list walker is not using CTF
Testing notes:
Without the updated mdb module:...


08:59 PM illumos gate Bug #8706 (New): libc lint library missing endian.h functions
When I implemented the libc support for endian.h, I missed the fact that the lint library wasn't updated. This became...
08:47 PM illumos gate Bug #8705 (New): unsupported 64-bit prefetch memory on pci-pci bridge
On certain systems with large numbers of PCI devices, we see notices that look like the following:...
08:45 PM illumos gate Bug #8704 (New): want OFF_MAX in the kernel
We should add an @OFF_MAX@ and @OFF_MIN@ for kernel consumers in @sys/types.h@. This is useful for cases like 8703.
08:44 PM illumos gate Feature #8703 (New): pci/npe DDI_CTLOPS_REGSIZE should be 64-bit aware
The @DDI_CTLOPS_REGSIZE@ is an argument to @ddi_ctlops@. It takes an @off_t@; however, the @npe@ and @pci@ drivers al...
08:44 PM illumos gate Bug #8702 (New): PCI addresses with physaddr > 0xffffffff can't be mapped in
Enabling the BIOS option to enable decoding addresses above 4GB for PCIe devices causes ixgbe to fail attach due to:
08:27 PM illumos gate Feature #8701 (Closed): i40e MAC_CAPAB_TRANSCEIVER support
We'd like to add support to i40e for the MAC_CAPAB_TRANSCEIVER functionality. At this time, firmware doesn't provide ...
08:25 PM illumos gate Feature #8700 (Closed): ixgbe MAC_CAPAB_TRANSCEIVER support
We'd like ixgbe to implement support for MAC_CAPAB_TRANSCEIVER. As part of this, I discovered that ixgbe does not act...
07:10 PM illumos gate Feature #8699 (Closed): Want NIC transceiver visibility
This represents a project from "RFD 89: Project Tiresias":
06:02 PM illumos gate Bug #8698 (New): AMD does not make an OPERTRON
The SMBIOS tables have a table and for the AMD Opteron X3000 APU use the constant SMB_PRF_OPERTON_X3K. There is no OP...

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