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Reported issues: 12


09:25 am illumos gate Bug #5704 (In Progress): libzfs can only handle 255 filedescriptors
libzfs uses fopen(), at least in libzfs_init(). If there are more than 255 filedescriptors open, fopen() will fail un...


06:59 am illumos gate Bug #5269: zpool import slow
Not yet. There is a solution, but it still needs rigorous testing. I hope to get around to it in the next few weeks.


09:19 am illumos gate Bug #5269 (New): zpool import slow
When importing a pool (at boot or with zpool import) with many filesystem, the process can take minutes. It doesn't m...


03:26 pm illumos gate Bug #4322 (New): ZFS deadlock on dp_config_rwlock
We encountered a deadlocked zfs and have been able to take a crash dump. From all threads the 3 below seem to be the ...


02:52 pm illumos gate Bug #3869 (Resolved): tcp anon port calculation wrong
If tcp_largest_anon_port gets tuned down from the default of 65536, some percentage of all source ports for outgoing ...


02:02 pm illumos gate Bug #3508 (Resolved): NFS4 data corruption (client side)
When writing to a file, from time to time some data don't make it to the server. Instead, a hole is left in the file....


12:30 pm illumos gate Feature #3248: There should be a way to exclude a pool from import at boot
great, works as described, thanks!


01:37 pm illumos gate Feature #3248 (Closed): There should be a way to exclude a pool from import at boot
I'd like to exclude a pool from import on every boot, even after an unclean shutdown. Exporting the pool before shutd...


07:47 pm illumos gate Feature #3233 (New): zfs send should be receivable on other filesystems
Currently zfs send produces send streams that are very specific to zfs. A mode should be added to generate a stream t...
07:40 pm illumos gate Bug #3232 (Feedback): syslogd shouldn't sync after each LOG_KERN line
currently syslogd fdsyncs after each LOG_KERN line. This slows down the output significantly. Instead if should not s...

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