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Reported issues: 22


05:23 PM illumos gate Bug #9186 (New): The ZFS performance suite should use checksum=edonr
Work by Matt Ahrens
05:23 PM illumos gate Bug #9185 (New): Enable testing over NFS in ZFS performance tests
Work by Ahmed Gahnem
This change allows the current set of ZFS performance tests to be run over NFS.
05:23 PM illumos gate Bug #9184 (Closed): Add ZFS performance test for fixed blocksize random read/write IO
Work by Ahmed Gahnem
This change introduces a new random read/write test. This one uses a fixed blocksize rather t...


11:58 PM illumos gate Bug #9082 (Closed): Add ZFS performance test targeting ZIL latency
Work by Prakash Surya.
This adds a new test to measure ZIL performance.
- A new DTrace collection script to mea...
04:48 PM illumos gate Bug #9076 (Closed): ZFS Performance test concurrency should be lowered for better latency
Work by Stephen Blinick.
Nightly performance runs typically consist of two levels of concurrency; and both are fai...


11:07 PM illumos gate Bug #9004 (Closed): Some ZFS tests used files removed with 32 bit kernel
illumos tests are failing because of the inability to do things like copy /kernel/drv/zfs into a testpool.
Either ma...


10:00 PM illumos gate Bug #8965 (Closed): zfs_acl_ls_001_pos fails due to no longer supported grep regex
The test used `\>` to detect the end of a string, but this no longer works, so use `$` which works as well since the ...


10:46 PM illumos gate Bug #8204 (Closed): Makefile changes in zfstest cannot cope with empty directories
The build will fail if, for example, after reverting a commit which could leave an empty directory.


08:49 PM illumos gate Bug #7629 (Closed): Fix for 7290 neglected to remove some escape sequences
Two minor mistakes that were omitted when 7290 got upstreamed:
- mv_files_common.kshlib: \ before commands \sleep ...


11:45 PM illumos gate Bug #7512 (Closed): Simplify the Makefiles in zfstest
The Makefiles in zfstest contain lots of boilerplate, and when writing tests it's common to forget or typo a Makefile...

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