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12:08 AM illumos gate Bug #9523 (Closed): Large alloc in zdb can cause trouble
16MB alloc in zdb_embedded_block() can cause cores in certain situations
(clang, gcc55).
OsX commit: https://gith...
Jorgen Lundman


12:24 AM illumos gate Bug #6183: VERIFY3(newds==os->os_dsl_dataset) failed@dmu_objset.c:579
Jorgen Lundman


11:14 AM illumos gate Feature #8727 (Closed): Native data and metadata encryption for zfs
This is the ZOL PR by Tom Caputi, ported to IllumOS.
This change incorporates three major pieces:
The fi...
Jorgen Lundman


08:11 AM illumos gate Bug #8100: 8021 seems to cause random BAD TRAP: type=d (#gp General protection)
Just wanted to make sure that the message sent to the openzfs list arrives here, where we discovered *abd_copy()* wil... Jorgen Lundman


02:06 AM illumos gate Bug #7659 (Closed): Missing thread_exit() in dmu_send.c
Two threads send_traverse_thread() and receive_writer_thread() should
end with thread_exit();
Mostly a cosmetic i...
Jorgen Lundman


02:05 AM illumos gate Bug #6472: Panic in rfs4_compound_kstat_res()

Duplicate - #7188 Panic in rfs4_compound_kstat_res-
Jorgen Lundman
12:21 AM illumos gate Bug #7188: Panic in rfs4_compound_kstat_res
Igor Kozhukhov wrote:
> duplicate to: 6472 Panic in rfs4_compound_kstat_res()
Ah my apologies for failing to sear...
Jorgen Lundman


04:01 AM illumos gate Bug #7188 (Closed): Panic in rfs4_compound_kstat_res

SunOS nfs02 5.11 omnios-r151018-ae3141d i86pc i386 i86pc
Issued command "zfs share -a" and triggered panic.
Jorgen Lundman


07:17 AM illumos gate Bug #6655 (New): ZFS recv gets confused about receive_resume_token when -F is used.
1) zfs recv -s is first used, and for whatever reason, is aborted to leave a receive_resume_token
2) decide to sent ...
Jorgen Lundman


12:08 AM illumos gate Bug #6527: Possible access beyond end of string in zpool comment Jorgen Lundman

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