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07:57 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #1935 (Closed): Unable to change screen brightness
cannot change screen brightness. Neither via the hotkeys of the laptop nor by the slider in power management.
Adam A R
07:56 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #1934 (Rejected): Fan is always on
Fan is continuosly on. This reduces battery life.
Also, the "Device Driver Utility" shows two unknown devices.
Adam A R
07:49 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #1933 (Closed): wireless network disappears after install. Was visible in live mode.
When in live mode, I was able to see the network from my Cisco wireless router. I was even able to connect to the sam... Adam A R
07:47 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #1932 (Closed): UI icons unable to launch applications
on clicking the network icon in the top left corner, a window to enter password appears, no matter how many times you... Adam A R

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