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11:42 AM illumos gate Bug #4986: receiving replication stream fails if any snapshot exceeds refquota
Here is a backtrace of the failure from Linux:... Richard Yao


01:02 AM illumos gate Bug #6392 (Closed): zdb: introduce -V for verbatim import
When given a pool name via -e, zdb would attempt an import. If it
failed, then it would attempt a verbatim import. T...
Richard Yao
01:01 AM illumos gate Bug #6391 (Closed): Override default SPA config location via environment
When using zdb with non-default SPA config file it is not convenient
to add -U <non-default-config-file-path> all th...
Richard Yao
12:56 AM illumos gate Bug #6390 (Closed): Free props in ztest_init()
Valgrind complained about this and it's absolutely right. The
props nvlist was not being freed in ztest_init.
Richard Yao
12:54 AM illumos gate Bug #6389 (Closed): Use (void) memcpy(), not (void *) memcpy()
This was caught by Clang on Linux. Clearly the intent of this code was
to explicitly ignore the return value.
Richard Yao
12:51 AM illumos gate Bug #6388 (Closed): Failure of userland copy should return EFAULT
Many key internal functions pass system return codes that are safe to
return to userland. In the case of ddi_copyin(...
Richard Yao
12:46 AM illumos gate Bug #6387 (New): Use kmem_vasprintf() in log_internal()
An attempt to debug zfsonlinux/zfs#2781 revealed that this code could be
simplified by using kmem_asprintf().
Richard Yao
12:41 AM illumos gate Bug #6386 (Closed): Fix function call with uninitialized value in vdev_inuse
LLVM's static analyzer reported that we could pass an uninitialized
pool_guid to spa_by_guid() in vdev_inuse(). Upon...
Richard Yao
12:39 AM illumos gate Bug #6385 (Closed): Fix unlocking order in zfs_zget
We release a buffer before releasing a lock when we should release the lock first for two reasons. The first is to en... Richard Yao


01:50 PM illumos gate Bug #6368 (Closed): Remove superfluous statement
Clang's static analyzer reported that the value assigned to pcksum is
never used. That is because we initialize both...
Richard Yao

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