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07:40 AM illumos gate Feature #15896: Intel Rapid Storage Technology intel-rst raidon support
David Stes wrote:
> Hi,
> Question or RFE (request for enhancement) is whether it works on Illumos ?
Jean-Pierre André


06:03 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #14574: libXpm is not linked using its mapfile-vers
Having been hit by this issue, I can suggest the patch below :... Jean-Pierre André


06:29 AM illumos gate Bug #12782: GRUB should pass pool and vdev GUIDs in $ZFS-BOOTFS
What is the syntax of what has to be inserted into $ZFS-BOOTFS (or presumably into the kernel$ menu line, unless some... Jean-Pierre André


06:23 AM illumos gate Feature #11781: Could we get away with defining MAXNAMLEN to be 255 instead of 512 in dirent.h?
> 2. Almost every operating system in use today at all uses a value of 255. MacOS X, OS/2, Solaris, FreeBSD, AIX, HPU... Jean-Pierre André


12:05 PM illumos gate Feature #10534: uts: update usbdevs
I see you rejected the patch I proposed to uftdi_dsd.c in the referenced #10550
Is there a special reason ?
Jean-Pierre André


03:37 PM illumos gate Support #10550 (Closed): Support for FTDI FT230XQ interface
The RFXCOM USB Transceivers cannot be used just because the vendor/product id used is not recognized by the usbftdi d... Jean-Pierre André


07:54 AM illumos gate Bug #10319 (New): Uninitialized var used in /bin/ld
In update_osym() from src/cmd/sgs/libld/common/update.c (part of /bin/ld), the variable edata_abs may be used without... Jean-Pierre André


02:59 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #9622: Installer does not ask for keyboard layout
This is with the latest OpenIndiana Hipster (may 2018) Jean-Pierre André
02:25 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #9622 (New): Installer does not ask for keyboard layout
The installer defaults to US keyboard layout and does not ask for the actual one any more.
This leaves the user wi...
Jean-Pierre André


06:28 AM illumos gate Bug #8684: illumos disables a working USB controller
I can confirm the issue on a different motherboard (Dell) with a similar CPU (AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processo... Jean-Pierre André

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