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02:46 PM illumos gate Bug #8617: zpool scrub disappears when taking a disk online
Yuri Pankov wrote:
> resilver overrides scrub?
Hm yes, you might be right. Maybe a scrub should continue after re...
S. Klinkert
02:16 PM illumos gate Bug #8617 (New): zpool scrub disappears when taking a disk online
Recently I was wondering why a zfs scrub disappeared without any error. It turns out I took an offline disk online ag... S. Klinkert


05:47 PM illumos gate Bug #7307: Fixing 5780 introduced a regression
Reproducing the described bug:
I took the reproducer from the original issue #5780 (see attachment). vn_rele() is ...
S. Klinkert


11:24 AM illumos gate Bug #6940 (Closed): Cannot unlink directories when over quota
Similar to #6334, but this time with empty directories:... S. Klinkert


02:38 PM illumos gate Bug #6911 (Closed): nfs4: unexpected permission denied
When listing non-shared subdirectories via nfs, nfs isn't able to recover from "permission denied" error when the sub... S. Klinkert


03:09 PM illumos gate Bug #6785: nfs4_attr_cache deadlock
Resultant problem: The nfs4_ephemeral_harvester thread is sticking as well due to the deadlock. After a while, we hav... S. Klinkert
02:44 PM illumos gate Bug #6785: nfs4_attr_cache deadlock
The same bug happened on another machine:... S. Klinkert
08:51 AM illumos gate Bug #6785: nfs4_attr_cache deadlock
Marcel Telka wrote:
> Would you mind sharing the crash dump file? Thanks.
Sorry, I can't share the whole crashdu...
S. Klinkert


04:30 PM illumos gate Bug #6785 (Closed): nfs4_attr_cache deadlock
It looks like we've encountered a deadlock between nfs4_inactive_thread and setattr.... S. Klinkert


12:44 PM illumos gate Bug #6731 (New): nfs4: umount deadlock
We've a hanging umount process. It looks like there is a deadlock between this process and the nfs4 ephemeral harvest... S. Klinkert

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