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09:53 PM illumos gate Bug #8581 (Closed): uts: startup_bios_disk() is testing for unused variable dobiosdev
The global dobiosdev is set to 1 on declaration, but is never changed.


12:44 PM illumos gate Feature #8577 (Closed): libstand: add stpcpy stpncpy
This is one more code re-sync of preparation for boot1.efi update.


10:25 AM illumos gate Bug #8573 (Closed): cmd/krb5: dmake should build 'all' as default target
running dmake manually in usr/src/cmd/krb5 will build '_msg' target as default


09:07 AM illumos gate Feature #8572 (In Progress): ccompile.h: rename __GNU_UNUSED to __unused
There is no need to emphasis attribute unused by special name, will also help porting.


10:04 AM illumos gate Feature #8559 (Closed): Add EFI utility functions to libefi
This is work preceding the boot1.efi refactoring.
This patch adds additional EFI utility functions to convert errn...


11:29 AM illumos gate Feature #8556 (New): libm.3lib is missing
at least MATH.H(3HEAD) is referring to libm(3lib), and it would be nice to have it.


08:20 AM illumos gate Bug #8196: captoinfo: misleading-indentation
Toomas Soome wrote:
> Building with gcc 6:
> [...]
> And so on, quite many of those.


09:50 AM illumos gate Feature #8515 (Closed): remove audiovia97
audiovia97 is 32-bit only driver for hardware one can hardly find; as commented by Garrett D'Amore:
"So the audiov...
07:23 AM illumos gate Feature #8514: Reimport mDNSResponder-625.41.2 with include guards, and update documentation
C Fraire wrote:
> It would be helpful for continual synchronization of libdns_sd et al to Apple's version (and code ...


08:05 AM illumos gate Bug #8500 (In Progress): loader: need __divmoddi4 and __udivmoddi4
The gcc 7 is generating code using __divmoddi4 and __udivmoddi4.

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