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Reported issues: 938


09:39 AM illumos gate Feature #10265 (In Progress): uts: gfx_vgatext use block cursor for vgatext
For visibility and simplicity we use block cursor in loader and framebuffer console, switch to block cursor in text m...
09:05 AM illumos gate Bug #10264 (In Progress): vgatext: NULL pointer errors
With NULL defined as (void *)0:...


05:41 PM illumos gate Feature #10236 (In Progress): uts: tem get colors from early boot data
To build more consistent console, we will inherit attributes like inverses, colors and cursor position from boot load...
05:18 PM illumos gate Feature #10235 (In Progress): uts: boot needs simple tem to support mdb
boot -kd will load and drop us into kmdb and that prompt is quite unfriendly. This patch will make it a bit less unfr...
05:04 PM illumos gate Feature #10234 (In Progress): uts: early start frame buffer console support
Build initial FB support for dboot and locore, that is, for the very early kernel. We are using the existing font sol...
04:26 PM illumos gate Bug #10233 (Closed): dboot: process_module() is missing newline at the end of the string
No newline means the text will be lost....


08:40 AM illumos gate Bug #10215: lofiadm -la fails after lofiadm -a / lofiadm -d
Alexander Pyhalov wrote:
> The following test case fails:
> [...]
I did figure out what does happen:
we have ...


07:14 PM illumos gate Bug #6200 (Closed): git-pbchk manlint regexp could be improved
Dropping this one.
03:12 PM illumos gate Bug #10207 (Closed): loader: libcrypto should use GNUC_ROOT
"10185 loader: add sha1 hash calculation" did add libcrypto, which does use GCC_ROOT and not GNUC_ROOT, this does hur...
06:41 AM illumos gate Feature #10204 (Closed): uts: add dboot map debug printf
Add little debugging aid, when map_debug=true, print also framebuffer map.

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