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illumos gate Developer, Committer 2015-04-03



07:22 AM illumos gate Feature #13728 (In Progress): build zdb command as 64-bit binary
As zpool and zfs commands are now 64-bit, lets also switch zdb - we only do have 64-bit kernel and therefore there is... Toomas Soome


09:35 PM illumos gate Bug #13725 (In Progress): ms: cast between incompatible function types
Build errors on SPARC:... Toomas Soome
06:18 PM illumos gate Bug #13724 (In Progress): zdb: dump_history can be improved
We only recognize some history records, instead, use same logic as in print_history_recors() in zpool_main.c
Toomas Soome


06:36 PM illumos gate Bug #13487: want mapfile-based assertions about symbol properties
SPARC build and testing: building on sparc did reveal issue in libld and additional mapfile entries were needed (as e... Toomas Soome


07:47 AM illumos gate Feature #13710 (In Progress): create_ramdisk: prepare cpio boot archive for sparc
The core of this change is about how we create boot block segment in front of the archive. But also done some groundw... Toomas Soome
07:43 AM illumos gate Feature #13709 (Feedback): sparc: we should be able to read boot_archive in cpio format
SPARC does use "boot code" installed in first 8KB of boot archive because it is handled as virtual disk. This update ... Toomas Soome


09:12 AM illumos gate Bug #13693 (Closed): loader: we should support pools without features
nvlist_check_features_for_read() should allow missing ZPOOL_CONFIG_FEATURES_FOR_READ; this happens when all features ... Toomas Soome


09:34 PM illumos gate Bug #13683 (Closed): libc: uninitialized variables
Build errors with gcc 10 on SPARC:... Toomas Soome
09:25 PM illumos gate Bug #13682 (Closed): libc: '_getcontext' specifies less restrictive attribute than its target
Build error with gcc 10 on SPARC:... Toomas Soome
09:06 PM illumos gate Bug #13681 (Closed): libfruraw: writing 1 byte into a region of size 0
Build error with gcc 10:... Toomas Soome

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