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Reported issues: 347


08:25 AM illumos gate Bug #8425 (In Progress): boot: create_ramdisk needs cleanup
Work by Josef 'Jeff' Sipek <>:
boot: remove hsfs support from create_ramdisk
bootadm itself ...


11:22 AM illumos gate Feature #8422 (In Progress): uts: basic UEFI support for illumos
Just another bit in the chain. Add the basic definitions and populate the information based on MB2 info. Perhaps it i...
09:33 AM illumos gate Bug #8421 (In Progress): loader: chain load relocate data declaration is bad
The coverity finding from freebsd; see also
The BIOS chain loading is using th...
09:27 AM illumos gate Bug #8419: Should not require four-space indents on function arg continuation lines
The reason for having so much code not conforming to cstyle is about the fact that we are normally fixing the style a...


07:58 PM illumos gate Bug #8420 (Closed): loader.efi: EFI_MEMORY_DESCRIPTOR and EFI_BLOCK_IO_MEDIA need padding
The problem is revealed in 32-bit version; unfortunately the specification is not really too clear either. Fix confir...


07:08 PM illumos gate Bug #8415 (Closed): loader: biosdisk comment wording
Simple fix for some comment text, no functional changes at all. Based on review feedback from FreeBSD.


11:59 AM illumos gate Bug #8399 (In Progress): sun_fc: in C++11 destructors default to noexcept
Build error with gcc 6:...
11:48 AM illumos gate Bug #8398 (Closed): pcmcia: sizeof on array function parameter
Build error with gcc 6:...
11:34 AM illumos gate Bug #8397 (Closed): sysevent.h: C++11 requires a space between literal and string macro
Build error with gcc 6:...
08:49 AM illumos gate Bug #8396 (Closed): uts: vm_dep.h error: left shift of negative value
Build error with gcc 6:...

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