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01:43 PM illumos gate Bug #8949: support pcix/pciex extended iospace
Michal Nowak wrote:
> OpenIndiana user at #11050 got the very same warning when they attached PCIe card, an xHCI ada...
Toomas Soome


01:41 PM illumos gate Bug #10919: add DEFAULT_CONSOLE_COLOR build environment knob
Tested with 2 build/install/boot cycles; one build with setting DEFAULT_CONSOLE_COLOR in env file,
another with RELE...
Toomas Soome
10:47 AM illumos gate Bug #11046 (In Progress): loader: module.c cstyle cleanup
Fix cstyle errors in module.c
No functional changes intended.
Toomas Soome
10:30 AM illumos gate Bug #11045 (In Progress): libstand: smatch errors in dosfs and zfs reader
smatch errors:... Toomas Soome


12:40 PM illumos gate Bug #11043 (In Progress): lofiadm -la still fails after 10215
This is a bit odd; it is still possible we can get non-labeled lofi entry from device name cache, so we need to check... Toomas Soome
12:01 PM illumos gate Bug #11042 (In Progress): sppptun: smatch error: unchecked function return 'sppptun_urput'
smatch issues after 10833:... Toomas Soome


03:29 PM illumos gate Feature #9800 (Closed): drm: use sys/queue.h
old DRM code is removed in #7639 Toomas Soome
08:02 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #9535: OI 2018.04 medium won't boot in legacy mode on Lenovo X220
Michal Nowak wrote:
> Lenovo X220 and perhaps other older ThinkPads have an infamous BIOS bug (which is not fixed ev...
Toomas Soome


02:10 PM illumos gate Bug #10947 (Closed): loader: memory related issues in module.c
1. file_loadraw() is leaking char *name.
2. file_loadraw() needs to check strdup and unargv.
3. mod_load() does not...
Toomas Soome


01:19 PM illumos gate Bug #10934 (Closed): loader: improve some debugging experience
FreeBSD updates:
Toomas Soome

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