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illumos gate Developer, Committer 2015-04-03



10:54 PM illumos gate Bug #13332 (In Progress): loader: iterate consoles to draw loader menu screen
The current loader screen output depends on console code to write on all active consoles. This approach is flawed as ... Toomas Soome
10:47 PM illumos gate Bug #13331 (In Progress): loader: term_drawrect and putimage coordinates fix
While drawing on menu screen, we also do mark terminal areas, so the scroll will know to move the image areas. Unfort... Toomas Soome


12:13 PM illumos gate Feature #13322 (In Progress): build zfs command as 64-bit binary
As zpool was switched with 12318, also build zfs command as 64-bit binary.
Testing done: zfs command appears to be...
Toomas Soome


01:04 PM illumos gate Bug #13314 (Closed): loader: make sure console variable has usable consoles
console variable should only include available devices. This is important as attempt to set invalid device will cause... Toomas Soome


10:45 PM illumos gate Feature #13294 (Feedback): loader: want protect/unprotect environment variable
add -r and -w options for set and setprop commands to mark variable readonly or reset read only flag.
sometimes it...
Toomas Soome


07:36 AM illumos gate Bug #13287 (New): panic: Deadlock: cycle in blocking chain
After resetting system from hung zfs-test run (testpool with zvols, testpool1 created on top of zvols and status is s... Toomas Soome


11:41 AM illumos gate Bug #13249: wasteful entry allocation in dnlc
... Toomas Soome


01:39 PM illumos gate Bug #13227: SMB server serializes writes where it should not
Gordon Ross wrote:
> During some performance testing, we discovered that the SMB server is serializing writes on a g...
Toomas Soome


07:22 PM illumos gate Bug #13229 (Closed): scadm: this 'if' clause does not guard...
Build error on sparc:... Toomas Soome
03:55 PM illumos gate Bug #13228 (Closed): envd: this 'if' clause does not guard...
Build errors on sparc:... Toomas Soome

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