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03:54 PM illumos gate Feature #12058 (Closed): loader.efi: use libi386/comconsole with x86
On some x86 systems the UEFI serial io protocol is failing to recognize input, we can not reliably use SIO protocol o... Toomas Soome
09:55 AM illumos gate Feature #12056 (In Progress): mdb: add mdb_dumpptr_cb as default callback for mdb_dumpptr()
We have 4 cases where mdb_vread is used as (mdb_dumpptr_cb_t)mdb_vread as argument for mdb_dumpptr(), unfortunately i... Toomas Soome


08:36 PM illumos gate Feature #12055 (Closed): libdiskmgt: 'return' with no value, in function returning non-void
error from mismerge Toomas Soome
08:14 PM illumos gate Feature #12055 (Closed): libdiskmgt: 'return' with no value, in function returning non-void
Build errors with gcc 8:... Toomas Soome
10:19 AM illumos gate Bug #12053 (In Progress): libefi: luns failing to expand
based on two commits:
Toomas Soome


06:18 PM illumos gate Bug #12049 (Closed): loader: ReadKeyStrokeEx may return partial keystrokes
In some systems we can receive no scancode nor unicodechar values.
FreeBSD issue:
Toomas Soome


09:05 PM illumos gate Feature #12044 (Closed): loader.efi: fix cd boot for cisco C220M3
The older cisco system does present cd on top of SCSI device, add code to drop scsi luns without the media.
Toomas Soome


12:43 PM illumos gate Bug #12041 (Closed): tem: x86 needs to use tems.ts_color_map() for 8-bit colors
The x86 in this context is something with no TEM in firmware, but thats just fancy way to separate sparc from x86:)
Toomas Soome
11:55 AM illumos gate Bug #12040 (Closed): loader: vbe_print_mode() is missing newline
The intent was to have newline there.
Testing done: build/install/boot, used framebuffer get and framebuffer set ...
Toomas Soome


07:21 AM illumos gate Bug #12036: iscsi: zpool create pool fails to create label
Jerry Jelinek wrote:
> I wanted to see if the recent upstreaming of the Nexenta iscsi/comstar fixes was causing this...
Toomas Soome

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