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01:00 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #3345: groff manpage missing
I got a good answer on IRC:
19:58:41 < rmustacc> I would start with man(5), nroff(1) and troff(1)
The illumos b...
Magnus Hedemark
12:45 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #3345 (Closed): groff manpage missing
If one were inclined to try to contribute to the broken manpage pile, the page that describes how to write manpages a... Magnus Hedemark


08:08 PM illumos gate Bug #3334 (Closed): zonestat missing man page
Per bug #1227, reporting missing man page for zonestat command. Magnus Hedemark


03:33 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #2144 (Feedback): RSS feed for torrents
In the interest of making it easier for those of us with fast connections to seed all releases, it would be useful to... Magnus Hedemark
03:25 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #2143 (Closed): OI datasets for SmartOS/vmadm/dsadm
It would be very valuable to have available OpenIndiana datasets that SmartOS's dsadm & vmadm tools can work with. No... Magnus Hedemark


01:39 PM illumos gate Feature #2123 (New): port dsadm/vmadm from SmartOS
As a system administrator, I would like Illumos and its children to benefit from the work done in Joyent's SmartOS to... Magnus Hedemark

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