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Reported issues: 143


03:42 AM illumos gate Bug #9205 (New): illumos-gate build shouldn't depend on demangle.h header
illumos-gate can't be build without system/library/c++/sunpro package, as it depends on demangle.h header. This depen...


08:47 AM illumos gate Bug #9124 (Closed): check_rtime fails with gcc-6-compiled world
In OpenIndiana we've just switched default compiler to GCC 6. It ships runtime libraries in /usr/gcc/6/lib and /usr/g...
07:49 AM illumos gate Bug #9123 (New): illumos-gate fails to build with glib 2.55
While building illumos-gate with glib 2.55, I get the following error:...


12:22 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #9109 (New): Installer ideas about swap are inadequate when size of rpool is less than RAM
When I dedicated 32 GB to rpool and had 96 GB RAM, installer created 18G swap zvol, which took too much space (as res...
08:05 AM illumos gate Bug #9108 (New): Want idn support in network tools
Currently our network tools (ping, traceroute, etc) don't know how to handle idn names, so, 'ping магистратураолимпиа...


07:26 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #9092 (New): ipython-34 is broken
Our repository has ipython-34 package, which is broken, and


01:09 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #8882 (Resolved): oi-userland can have log conflicts.
Fixed in


05:01 AM illumos gate Bug #9015 (Closed): krb5-config emits unnecessary -R flags
krb5-config --libs reports...


09:09 AM Graphics/DRM Bug #8971 (New): On resume screen is not restored
When system is suspended and then resumed, video device is not properly restored - it continues to show garbage (as d...


06:10 AM illumos gate Bug #8908: regcomp(3C) goes into infinite recursion for wide characters in 128-255 range
$ cat out-regex.ggrep

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