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08:35 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #10918: Enable NTP service by default
If you enable it by default, ensure that this applies only to GZ. Alexander Pyhalov


06:08 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #10830 (Resolved): Helper files in pulseaudio-12.2 are not executable
Should be fixed in Alexander Pyhalov


10:39 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #9906 (Resolved): Synergy missing file
Should be fixed in Alexander Pyhalov
09:36 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #10348 (Rejected): Weed out MPFR, MPC, & GMP sub-components from GCC components
I close this. It is a feature, not a bug, as Aurelien has explained. Alexander Pyhalov


09:44 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #10588 (Resolved): Gnome tracker should not be activated by default
Thanks for reporting the issue.
1) You can use server or minimal images ( which don't include GUI) to install OI ...
Alexander Pyhalov
06:20 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #10691: Want rdesktop with GSS-API and TLS v1.3
Hi. Currently we ship rdesktop 1.8.3, which supports CredSSP. To use it, first you should get kerberos ticket with ki... Alexander Pyhalov
06:17 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #10700: bzgrep has bashisms
Do you have a reproducer? I don't see this error in simple cases. Alexander Pyhalov
06:13 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #10705 (Resolved): Web site can not visit
Alexander Pyhalov


04:51 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #10571: PostgreSQL auto-completion misbehaves after libedit update
NetBSD fix for this issue was integrated as Alexander Pyhalov


05:20 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #10228 (Resolved): GTK3 Color Selection cores application
Fixed in Alexander Pyhalov

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