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06:24 AM illumos gate Bug #12057: Writing part of the string to stderr makes zlogin exit
Bug is reproducible as early as Alexander Pyhalov


11:56 AM illumos gate Bug #12057 (New): Writing part of the string to stderr makes zlogin exit
Login to running zone with zlogin and run the following sample program:... Alexander Pyhalov


07:39 AM illumos gate Bug #11049: XHCI runtime reset required in xhci
Have similar report - system panics on 2019.10 live usb boot with the following stack... Alexander Pyhalov


09:51 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #11931: Installation fails with Americas/Canada/-QC (Lower North Shore) time zone
This is really
libzoneinfo is just broken and nobody cares ;)
Perhaps, we sh...
Alexander Pyhalov
09:31 PM illumos gate Bug #11934 (Closed): One more typo in
While testing new OI ISO we've found one more typo in
4th field in "AST - QC (Lower North Shore)" lin...
Alexander Pyhalov


07:57 AM illumos gate Bug #11776 (New): USB keyboard unusable after a while
Today I've came to office, waked up my workstation with mouse and couldn't use USB keyboard - it didn't respond.
Alexander Pyhalov


12:31 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #11739: USB medium creation fails with "read: No such device or address"
Is this issue fixed with ? Alexander Pyhalov
11:55 AM illumos gate Bug #11750 (New): ksh mkdir builtin doesn't honor special file permissions
mkdir ksh builtin misbehaves in a following way:... Alexander Pyhalov
04:32 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #11655 (Resolved): top(1) computes compressed ARC ratio incorrectly
Should be fixed by Alexander Pyhalov


02:39 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #11664 (Resolved): pkg apply-hot-fix: FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or director
First part of the issue is fixed by Alexander Pyhalov

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