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11:57 AM illumos gate Bug #3152 (New): ssh scripts and manifest do not support multiple instances of ssh
The current SMF manifest for the ssh daemon (/var/svc/manifest/nework/ssh.xml) and its startup script (/lib/svc/metho... Darren Reed


02:49 PM illumos gate Bug #3091 (Resolved): add -n to zlogin so its more compatible with rsh command line
In some circumstances, it is easy to replace the execution of rsh with zlogin quite easily, e.g.
rsh remotemachine...
Darren Reed


11:54 AM illumos gate Feature #3034 (Feedback): Add . to sprintf format strings in the kernel
The kernel sprintf format string does not currently allow the use of periods.
This increases the difficulty of using...
Darren Reed


11:52 AM illumos gate Feature #3018 (New): Test suite for IPFilter 5.1.2
For future testing of further changes to IPFilter 5.1.2, the IPFilter test suite should be used.
It can be found h...
Darren Reed
11:16 AM illumos gate Feature #3017 (New): Upgrade IPFilter to 5.1.2
Import IP Filter 5.1.2 to replace "4.1.9"
New features:
- separate ipf6.conf is no longer required, ipf.conf can ...
Darren Reed

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