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illumos gate Developer 2012-05-07



07:23 PM illumos gate Bug #4908: rpcbind NULL ptr dereference at forward_destroy+0x22()
We've collected a handful of core dumps from rpcbind due to this bug in the past week. From a cursory glance at one o... Sebastien Roy


02:19 AM illumos gate Feature #1555 (In Progress): integrate vmxnet3s
Sebastien Roy


02:23 PM illumos gate Bug #2892 (New): flows use datalink IDs in persistent configuration
The /etc/dladm/flowadm.conf configuration for flows stores the datalink over which flows are configured using a datal... Sebastien Roy


06:00 PM illumos gate Bug #2800 (New): outbound traffic matching flows restricted to single aggr port
Consider the following aggregation with two ports:
# dladm show-aggr
Sebastien Roy
05:53 PM illumos gate Bug #2799 (New): panic removing port from aggr
1. Create a one-port aggregation using dladm
# dladm create-aggr -l vmxnet3s0 aggr0
2. Add a flow over the aggr...
Sebastien Roy


01:42 PM illumos gate Feature #2568 (New): need Public datalink and IP configuration APIs
Illumos needs Public APIs (or a Public API) for manipulating datalink and IP configuration. The existing libdladm an... Sebastien Roy


02:27 PM illumos gate Feature #2554 (Closed): ipadm needs IPMP configuration support
ipadm/libipadm needs to grow the ability to create and administer IPMP groups to be on par with Solaris 11. See Sola... Sebastien Roy
02:15 PM illumos gate Feature #2553 (New): mac address should be a dladm link property
There should be a link property representing the MAC address for the link. The only way to currently access the MAC ... Sebastien Roy

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