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Reported issues: 5


01:59 PM OpenIndiana SFE Bug #3438 (In Progress): Parcellite fails to install


07:05 PM OpenIndiana SFE Bug #3438: Parcellite fails to install
Fixed in changeset 9077 53ef56256551
07:05 PM OpenIndiana SFE Bug #3438: Parcellite fails to install
Fixed in changeset 9077 53ef56256551
11:16 AM illumos gate Feature #3495 (New): Ralink 539x Wireless Devices Support in ral
Missing support for Ralink 539x devices (eg. 539b/5931) in ral(7D).
On Linux, that support is came within 3.7 rele...


02:49 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #3490 (Closed): Italian translation for GDM OpenIndiana Theme
I've made the attached patch to add it.po in OpenIndiana GDM Theme.


08:12 PM OpenIndiana SFE Bug #3438 (Resolved): Parcellite fails to install
When i try to install Parcellite, pkg(1) fails the transaction because this package conflicts with gnome/locale/pl in...


07:24 PM OpenIndiana SFE Feature #3427 (Resolved): Parcellite in SFE
I think would be useful to have a clipboard manager, as Parcellite, in SFE repository.
Parcellite is a lightweight...


05:43 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #3281: frequent freezes on oi_151a.1.7
Richard PALO wrote:
> Not sure where to place this, so I start here.
> Since upgraded to a7 on a AMD Athlon(tm) 64...


12:33 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #2999 (Closed): OpenSolaris brand in Help launcher
The launcher of GNOME Help (System->Help) has OpenSolaris brand in the comment section.
"Browse and search GNOME and...


12:36 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #1164: virt-manager dependency error
No Jon. This issue still exists.
$ pfexec virt-manager
ERROR:root:No module named gtk
Traceback (most recent ca...

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