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06:16 PM illumos gate Bug #8984: fix for 6764 breaks ACL inheritance
Reviewing the commit for 6764, while there was an explicit check for passthrough removed, I don't see any explicit me... Paul Henson
06:11 PM illumos gate Bug #8984: fix for 6764 breaks ACL inheritance
Hmm, I don't use restricted, so I never noticed it. Testing on omnios with the current fix applied:
# zfs set acli...
Paul Henson


01:03 AM illumos gate Bug #8984 (Feedback): fix for 6764 breaks ACL inheritance
Consider a directory configured as:
drwx-ws---+ 2 henson cpp 3 Jan 23 12:35 dropbox/
Paul Henson


07:52 PM illumos gate Bug #3354: kernel crash in rpcsec_gss after using gsscred
We just hit this in the latest omnios CE:
# cat /etc/release
OmniOS v11 r151022ac
ffffff0011d54870 rmm_wput+...
Paul Henson


03:26 AM illumos gate Feature #8712: change getcwd behavior
Not sure how relevant these are, but a couple links posted on the mailing list so you don't have to dig for them:
Paul Henson


09:32 PM illumos gate Bug #6978: smbadm join overwrites /etc/krb5/krb5.keytab
Hmm, well, not as easy as initially thought; idmapd uses ldap via gssapi and accesses the default system keytab. Ther... Paul Henson


02:56 AM illumos gate Bug #6979 (New): smbadm join should not try to set TRUSTED_FOR_DELEGATION
For reasons evidentially lost to history, smbadm currently tries to enable the TRUSTED_FOR_DELEGATION flag on the act... Paul Henson
02:23 AM illumos gate Bug #6978 (New): smbadm join overwrites /etc/krb5/krb5.keytab
When joining an Active Directory domain, the illumos smb server rather rudely overwrites an existing system keytab, d... Paul Henson


07:58 PM illumos gate Bug #6105 (Closed): mailer.conf man page lists incorrect path /etc/mail/mailer.conf in FILES section
The man page for mailer.conf inaccurately lists /etc/mail/mailer.conf in the FILES section, while the correct path ap... Paul Henson


05:00 AM illumos gate Feature #5642: want BSD-like date -r option
GNU coreutils (as used by most Linux distributions) uses -r for:
-r, --reference=FILE
Paul Henson

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