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08:24 PM illumos gate Bug #7885 (Closed): zpool list can report 16.0e for expandsz
When a member of a RAIDZ has been replaced with a device smaller than the original, then the top level vdev can repor... Steven Hartland


09:14 AM illumos gate Bug #6495 (Closed): Fix mutex leak in dmu_objset_find_dp
Prevent leak of err_lock mtx for both synchronous and error case in dmu_objset_find_dp.
Steven Hartland
09:08 AM illumos gate Bug #6494 (Closed): ASSERT supported zio_types for file and disk vdevs
ASSERT the type of zio's processed by file and disk vdevs, which helps protect against invalid zio being processed by... Steven Hartland


02:41 PM illumos gate Bug #5503 (New): zpool list -v displays invalid EXPANDSZ for unavailable pools
When pools are unavailable their vdevs are also unavailable which means that vdev_max_asize remains at the default ze... Steven Hartland
02:37 PM illumos gate Bug #5502 (New): zpool list and zpool status disagree on pool state
There's inconsistencies between zpool list and zpool status which are both described as displaying the pool <state> h... Steven Hartland


04:50 AM illumos gate Bug #5484 (New): zpool upgrade with unavailable pool causes assert violation
When running zpool upgrade on a system with an unavailable pool it results in an assert violation as it tries to acce... Steven Hartland


09:57 AM illumos gate Bug #5472 (New): zpool.cache not updated for root pools
Not sure if this one due to a restriction on illumos not present in FreeBSD but we've found on a number of occasions ... Steven Hartland
09:10 AM illumos gate Bug #5471 (New): Offset validation in zvol_read and zvol_write off by one
The checks against uio_loffset in zvol_read and zvol_write are off by one, they should be uio_loffset > volsize inste... Steven Hartland


05:25 PM illumos gate Bug #5179: Remove unused ZFS ARC functions
Patch is from FreeBSD, so will need paths updating for illumos Steven Hartland
05:24 PM illumos gate Bug #5179 (Closed): Remove unused ZFS ARC functions
Both arc_data_buf_alloc and arc_data_buf_free are unused and hence should be removed Steven Hartland

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