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illumos gate Developer 2013-04-17



07:09 PM illumos gate Bug #4109 (Rejected): ntp.conf(4), probably others, have XML entities in output
Examples include "Alternatively, the address argument can be a valid host DNS& nbsp;name" (without the space, obvious... Chris Nehren


10:00 PM illumos gate Bug #3784 (New): Paragraph in pmadm(1M) ends prematurely
The best way to illustrate this is by quoting the relevant section:
"In order to uniquely identify an instance of ...
Chris Nehren


07:56 PM illumos gate Bug #3768 (Closed): fnmatch(5) is worded poorly
Specifically, "The following patterns matching a single character match a single character". This seems like a tautol... Chris Nehren


08:01 PM illumos gate Bug #3766 (Closed): audit documentation needs updating, badly!
The auditd(1M) and similar documentation that ships with illumos refers one to files in /etc/security (specifically /... Chris Nehren
02:28 AM illumos gate Bug #3758 (Feedback): RFE: Would like "hostname -s"
Sent review request. Chris Nehren


03:27 PM illumos gate Bug #3763: Implement qsort_r(3C)
s/recursive/reentrant/ of course. I blame Monday morning. Chris Nehren
03:21 PM illumos gate Bug #3763 (Closed): Implement qsort_r(3C)
This reentrant variant of qsort(3C) is used in modern software such as libgit2. Both BSD and GNU have implementations. Chris Nehren


02:56 AM illumos gate Bug #3758 (In Progress): RFE: Would like "hostname -s"
Got the code done, needs review. Waiting on 3430 (this bug modifies the same lines in the files, so a conflict is ine... Chris Nehren


10:52 PM illumos gate Feature #3430 (Feedback): Support "hostname --fqdn"
Chris Nehren
07:07 PM illumos gate Bug #3758 (Closed): RFE: Would like "hostname -s"
The -s flag (only print the hostname, not the fqdn) is available in other Unixes and would be nice to have here. Chris Nehren

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