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04:07 PM illumos gate Bug #6423 (New): ZFS txg thread signalling could be simplified
The signalling mechanism used for the quiesce and sync threads seems needlessly complex.
It could be changed to ha...
Will Andrews


05:15 AM illumos gate Feature #6418 (Closed): zpool should have a label clearing command
An easy, direct means of sanitizing pool vdevs can be helpful for management purposes.
FreeBSD has had a 'zpool la...
Will Andrews


03:58 PM illumos gate Bug #6414 (Closed): vdev_config_sync could be simpler
All the callers simply re-call it with 'tryhard' set to B_TRUE if it fails, so it would be better to just internalize... Will Andrews
02:36 AM illumos gate Feature #6410 (Closed): teach zdb to perform object lookups by path
This is primarily intended to ease debugging & testing ZFS when one is only interested in things like the on-disk loc... Will Andrews


08:23 PM illumos gate Bug #6403 (New): ZFS txg threads should have more useful names
TXG threads, via txg_thread_enter(), currently just pass FTAG as their name to CALLB_CPR_INIT(), when they could be m... Will Andrews
03:31 AM illumos gate Bug #6401 (Closed): should reopen files if they encounter transient I/O errors
In the ZFS test suite, the test usr/src/test/zfs-tests/tests/functional/rootpool/rootpool_003_neg.ksh attempts to for... Will Andrews


10:13 PM illumos gate Bug #3752 (New): want more verifiable dbuf user eviction
The current dbuf user eviction process has a few issues that make it difficult to verify that they work properly:
- ...
Will Andrews


10:24 PM illumos gate Bug #3749 (Closed): zfs event processing should work on R/O root filesystems
From the original change log:
This restriction appears to have been put in place to avoid errors with
Will Andrews


11:15 PM illumos gate Bug #3748: zfs headers should be C++ compatible
Changes made to ZFS should to retain C++ compatibility primarily involve renaming variable names that use C++ reserve... Will Andrews
11:13 PM illumos gate Bug #3748: zfs headers should be C++ compatible
From the original change log:
Change 477353 by justing@justing-ns1 on 2011/02/04 10:11:30
Remove C cons...
Will Andrews

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