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07:51 AM illumos gate Bug #6082: nfsref(1M) man page is needed
any progress on this? Tobias Oetiker


07:15 PM illumos gate Bug #10408: temporarily frozen vnic
additional info in Tobias Oetiker
05:02 PM illumos gate Bug #10408: temporarily frozen vnic
Additional info
there are several vnics setup on the physical interface ... the blocking behaviour is isolated to ...
Tobias Oetiker
05:00 PM illumos gate Bug #10408 (New): temporarily frozen vnic
Network traffic suddenly stops being passed through a VNIC and then resumes with all the pending packet...
Tobias Oetiker


02:57 PM illumos gate Bug #4517: Locking the same file over NFS from a Linux client by multiple processes could cause 30 seconds delay accumulatively if the NFS server machine has more than one IPv4 interface.
anyone looking into this ? one of our customers just ran into this with omnios r014 Tobias Oetiker


08:09 AM illumos gate Bug #5032: share_nfs(1m): Documentation for "noaclfab" is needed
This option is central to make diskless linux from 'sharenfs' shares work ... without it, 'cp -p a b' will fail which... Tobias Oetiker


06:45 AM illumos gate Feature #2745: Allow filtering of properties on zfs receive
It would be great to see this integrated! Tobias Oetiker
06:39 AM illumos gate Feature #3753: Add zfs receive property support (zfs recv -o)
anyone working on this? Tobias Oetiker


01:33 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #3455: oi151a7 ldap_cachemgr ldap configuration problem
seeing this with OmniOS r151006 too Tobias Oetiker

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