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illumos gate Developer 2015-08-29



12:43 AM illumos gate Bug #16162 (New): pool with many "zfs send" temp holds/userrefs deadlocks on import against syseventd
Currently during ... Alex Wilson


12:43 AM illumos gate Bug #16075 (New): hook, neti mdb dmods should use CTF info
The hook and neti dmods currently directly use the fact that kernel structs are exposed in userland headers to find t... Alex Wilson
12:42 AM illumos gate Bug #16074 (New): hook should use list_t instead of queue.h
The hook.c code (like a lot of the neti/netstack stuff) currently uses queue.h rather than list_t for linked lists. I... Alex Wilson
12:40 AM illumos gate Bug #16073 (New): hook cvwaitlock should be replaced with krwlock
Currently in the hook.c code, we use a ... Alex Wilson


11:14 PM illumos gate Bug #14433: mlxcx too naive to the possibility of loan default
We used to run into this with certain LX applications very regularly, and haven't run into it since we pushed the pat... Alex Wilson
11:12 PM illumos gate Bug #14677: mlxcx NULL deref panic due to race in mlxcx_cmd_taskq
We've had the patch in gerrit #2963 deployed in prod since May/June last year (2022) and haven't had any recurrence o... Alex Wilson


04:38 AM illumos gate Bug #15635 (Closed): /proc/pid xregs file panics cross-thread
... Alex Wilson
12:22 AM illumos gate Bug #15634: FEM locking inadequate for feml_tos during append
The proposed change in CR 2837 is the second option (hold the ... Alex Wilson


11:09 PM illumos gate Bug #15634 (New): FEM locking inadequate for feml_tos during append
In the FEM code currently, we have:... Alex Wilson


06:54 AM illumos gate Bug #15619 (In Progress): dls_devnet_unset reference counting is cursed
In ... Alex Wilson

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