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illumos gate Developer 2020-07-23



07:43 PM illumos gate Bug #13047 (Closed): SMB server is too strict about security descriptors
SMB allows a user to 'remove' an ACL by specifying that it wants the acl to change (SMB_DACL/SACL_SECINFO), but marki... Matt Barden
07:11 PM illumos gate Bug #13045 (Closed): Idmap's KDC lookup override doesn't work
Our kerberos library provides a mechanism for 'overriding' the normal lookup routine, by specifying a "_krb5_override... Matt Barden


08:13 PM illumos gate Bug #13026 (Closed): SMB and NFS use the global zone's IDMAP when they shouldn't
SMB and NFS use crget() as a base for their credentials.
This copies the global kcred, and so sets cr->cr_zone to th...
Matt Barden


09:25 PM illumos gate Bug #7654 (New): buffer overflow in route's static implementation of link_ntoa
route(1M) uses BSD's implementation of link_ntoa, which is vulnerable to a buffer overflow. However, route's implemen... Matt Barden


05:59 PM illumos gate Bug #1986 (Feedback): libima misuses gethostname
Matt Barden

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