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04:57 AM illumos gate Bug #15085 (Closed): mech_krb5: memory leaked during context establishment
When running ::findleaks on an exiting SMBD, a few memory leaks showed up in the kerberos library:
1. As part of t...
Matt Barden
02:51 AM illumos gate Bug #15084 (Closed): SMBD leaks memory during startup/refresh
Running ::findleaks on an exiting SMBD process revealed a few small memory leaks:
# parse_sharetab() - ultimately ...
Matt Barden
12:51 AM illumos gate Bug #15083 (In Progress): NSCD never caches negative host/ipnode lookups in default DNS configuration
We discovered this issue when, after running 'praudit -xs' on an ~2GB audit file, it did not finish converting after ... Matt Barden
12:03 AM illumos gate Bug #15082 (Closed): SMB Clients see but can't access restricted named streams
The Continuous Availability feature stores information about persistent handles as 'named streams' at the root of the... Matt Barden
12:01 AM illumos gate Feature #15081 (In Progress): SMB Server support for Reparse Point-based Symbolic Links
Matt Barden


11:27 PM illumos gate Feature #15081 (In Progress): SMB Server support for Reparse Point-based Symbolic Links
SMB2 allows the creation of (NTFS) symbolic links through the 'Reparse Point' FSCTLs. They are used by Windows when t... Matt Barden


04:14 AM illumos gate Bug #15050 (Closed): SMB server mishandles some SIDs
Some applications use SIDs that contain the maximum number of subauthorities (15). However, when a client tries to se... Matt Barden
12:13 AM illumos gate Bug #15049 (New): Reconsider attributable vs non-attributable audit masks for users
The conversation in the review for #2271 led us to wonder what the intended use of the 'attributable' mask vs the 'no... Matt Barden


11:48 PM illumos gate Feature #15011: Want wrapper for rpc tests in smbsrv-tests
After these changes, the output looks like this:
SMB2 tests:...
Matt Barden
11:35 PM illumos gate Bug #15035 (New): stlogit() should use vsyslog instead of a 16kb local buffer
libpkcs11's pkcs11_tpm defines two functions 'stlogit' and 'stlogit2' that are used for logging messages to syslog.
Matt Barden

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