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Reported issues: 600


03:26 PM illumos gate Bug #4143 (Closed): contains sysevent man pages
Duplicate of #8094


04:01 PM illumos gate Bug #8094 (Closed): a handful of manual sections are in the wrong package
Presumably as a result of the automation when I originally integrated them, a bunch of manual sections are delivered ...


03:25 PM illumos gate Bug #8002 (Closed): delete unnecessary obsolete packages
We carry a bunch of obsolete and renamed package definitions to facilitate upgrades. Many of these are now very very...


08:31 PM illumos gate Feature #7997 (In Progress): Could make nightly env files more easily usable
It would be good to make nightly environment files something people don't have to consider:
- Expand the default set...


06:31 PM illumos gate Bug #7959 (New): kernel manual pages should make lock ordering clear
Just about the only possible practical use of warlock is that a minority of the wl files contain lock ordering assert...


10:08 PM illumos gate Feature #7850 (New): ld(1) support for -rpath-link would aid compatibility
Some software (Qt) supposes the existence of -rpath-link, and seems determined to depend upon it.
It's probably easy...


05:16 PM illumos gate Feature #7832 (Closed): big theory statements need a place in the manual
In documented vmem (#7831), it's become clear that we'd benefit from having a place in the manual for the content his...
05:14 PM illumos gate Feature #7831 (Closed): want vmem manual pages
Thinking through some vmem-using ideas, I noticed we don't actually have any real docs. We should have.


11:03 PM illumos gate Bug #7668 (In Progress): zfs get only outputs 3 columns if "clones" property is empty


03:56 PM illumos gate Bug #7663 (Closed): wcsncasecmp tests need a p
A simple typo in the runfile

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