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Reported issues: 634


07:19 PM illumos gate Feature #9899 (In Progress): cw(1onbld) should shadow more compilation
At present, cw(1onbld) doesn't shadow any compilation that invokes the link-editor. Even if sources are specified. ...


11:36 PM illumos gate Bug #9884 (Closed): cw(1) should use -fpic rather than -Kpic
Studio cc(1) supports -fpic/-fPIC too. Having cw translate -Kpic is unnecessary. Just accept and pass through -fpi...


09:00 PM illumos gate Bug #9868 (Closed): unused cw translations should be removed
We should remove the translations from cw that the build does not actually use, and is very unlikely to use again.


10:44 PM illumos gate Feature #9852 (In Progress): enable ld(1) guidance and deflib assertions for the illumos build
ld(1) can provide guidance about things you probably should do while linking, which is actually based on our own best...


09:54 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #9781: pkg history -o columns order leads to crash
Moving this to OI, but I guess it could be OmniOS?


05:48 PM illumos gate Bug #9202 (New): xgettext should support longer strings
xgettext doesn't support strings longer than 1024 bytes.
It should.
05:47 PM illumos gate Bug #9201: yacc should use proper temp files
... Well that was embarrassing
05:47 PM illumos gate Bug #9201 (New): yacc should use proper temp files
yacc's tempfiles are under well known names. That's both bad practice, and destroys parallel builds if two yaccs run...


04:34 AM illumos gate Bug #9141 (Closed): check_rtime exceptions could be cleaner
There are a couple of places check_rtime's exceptions could use MACH() profitably, and a handful of exceptions that a...
04:33 AM illumos gate Bug #9140 (Closed): check_rtime should learn libnsl is safe now
libnsl used to contain C++, because of NIS+. This is thankfully no longer true, check_rtime should stop excepting it...

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