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Reported issues: 8


02:28 PM illumos gate Bug #5328: intro(1) man page references nonexistent sections
I think this bug can be closed.
The mention of section 1F has been removed in bec2e3ffadac8d3536ea115d636d06c7b561...


11:05 PM illumos gate Bug #8761: IPv6 default policy table needs update for RFC6724
Testing notes:
I added a ULA and a global address to an interface.
Ran "traceroute" to a hostname which had also ...


01:04 PM illumos gate Bug #8761 (Closed): IPv6 default policy table needs update for RFC6724
RFC6724 published a newer version of the default policy table used for source and destination address selection.


03:25 PM illumos gate Feature #8729 (Closed): sendfile(3ext) could mention SIGPIPE
Other man pages mention when SIGPIPE is sent on EPIPE.
The sendfile man page could also include such a note as it wi...


07:04 PM illumos gate Bug #8721 (Closed): libwrap is missing global symbol `resident`
The current version of Dante ( fails to build with the following error:...


09:54 PM illumos gate Bug #3729: getifaddrs must learn to stop worrying and love the other address families
This was backed out because consumers have come to depend on this bug.
Namely libuv, while "multi-platform" had a ...


11:30 PM illumos gate Feature #8409 (Closed): Want MSG_NOSIGNAL to prevent SIGPIPE
> The MSG_NOSIGNAL symbolic constant is added from The Open Group Technical Standard, 2006, Extended API Set Part 2.


02:19 PM illumos gate Bug #8257 (Closed): ifconfig configinfo confuses mtu with metric
To display the mtu "ifconfig configinfo" uses the lifr.lifr_metric member which works because both are in the same un...


12:53 PM illumos gate Bug #6910 (Closed): tar option "e" also forces "o"
Since commit "6961744 / PSARC 2010/233 EOF SYSV3 SCO compatibility environment variable" [1]
tar "e" (exit on error)...
12:52 PM illumos gate Bug #6909 (Closed): man page updates for "EOF SYSV3 SCO compatibility"
Commit "6961744 / PSARC 2010/233 EOF SYSV3 SCO compatibility environment variable" [1] removed support for the SYSV3 ...

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