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04:50 PM illumos gate Bug #12908 (Closed): epoll should exclude normal files/directories
"git commit 87bfe94c15340e9846f25201fa63446ac956d845": Electric Monk
04:50 PM illumos gate Bug #12907 (Closed): epoll_ctl can avoid EINTR entirely
"git commit 3c2d4f391c2bc4b3b4126c0757329835c80781ed": Electric Monk
02:20 PM illumos gate Bug #12856 (Closed): pkcs11_softtoken should validate session and object handles
"git commit cfcec26617a5b667ad909c32c24594a670c98b2d": Electric Monk


03:48 PM illumos gate Bug #12897 (Closed): bhyve mevent can mistakenly handle events twice
"git commit cf7690ebb38fa81bd6f3904ba5ad4649c0ea3c0b": Electric Monk


06:20 PM illumos gate Feature #12886 (Closed): ccid: add sparc build
"git commit 60bd1e6666ad0da8ddf73bbaaca7709c40c560ab": Electric Monk
06:18 PM illumos gate Bug #12884 (Closed): stabs: gcc false positive clobbered warning
"git commit 875000d3c627d9be03a7f83a026d1ea45d9680d6": Electric Monk
06:16 PM illumos gate Bug #12883 (Closed): stabs: variable 'orig' set but not used
"git commit f896265fea0bec895c572a888206977854310034": Electric Monk
03:23 PM illumos gate Bug #12898 (Closed): ctf enum size detection should use DW_AT_byte_size
"git commit 56f23fa092900d6145428feaadd69e5157186680": Electric Monk
02:50 PM illumos gate Bug #12873 (Closed): pci_autoconf: Makefile and compiler warning cleanup
"git commit 6ecc470585ed07369dd51b0ed85f5cf848e5b5c2": Electric Monk
02:50 PM illumos gate Bug #12867 (Closed): Mis-programmed pcie bridge leaves 64-bit device unusable
"git commit 6ecc470585ed07369dd51b0ed85f5cf848e5b5c2": Electric Monk

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