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08:40 PM illumos gate Feature #13876 (Closed): tem: we should support CSI 38 and 48 sequences for RGB colors
"git commit fa9eb22261c7b7a35c7a6957acb3c2b26c39e15b": Electric Monk


06:29 PM illumos gate Bug #13888 (Closed): Some #include statements in the manual refer to nonexistent files
"git commit e9a9d42d6b4da41cc01b726a4d919abc09841750": Electric Monk
06:26 PM illumos gate Bug #13883 (Closed): Malformed #include statements in the manual
"git commit c432de9c6e1189ea0aa9b0fe1c35c18427653f27": Electric Monk


07:01 PM illumos gate Bug #13809 (Closed): cpio: variable may be used uninitialized
"git commit 0b9a51588b7231474f7b4009cb9cad83e4db7b74": Electric Monk
06:15 PM illumos gate Bug #13867 (Closed): netstat shows duplicated data for UDP source and dest addresses
"git commit cdfd7f6baf7b308aedaeb7a7f4a89a4dccd9313e": Electric Monk
03:50 PM illumos gate Bug #13811 (Closed): libmtmalloc: 'size_nx' may be used uninitialized
"git commit b5358705b92a175b02aad08cd1c6b83dc69e2ae6": Electric Monk
03:23 PM illumos gate Bug #13865 (Closed): don't pass NV_ENCODE_NATIVE to nvlist_unpack()
"git commit 0d1087e85d1cd423a6cbe5358a51a160350e956e": Electric Monk
03:15 PM illumos gate Bug #13793 (Closed): va_arg(9F): va_arg() returns type, not (type *)
"git commit f1866c4b3066e4e43e7ba9c4cef7fcfaadaddd1f": Electric Monk


08:17 AM illumos gate Bug #13807 (Closed): diff: variable may be used uninitialized
"git commit 247ccfcd15f7f6b949ea71990372f0f9a93058d2": Electric Monk


06:16 PM illumos gate Bug #13418 (Closed): picl: removal of unused dependency recommended
"git commit 1872d23e4f4f89383cc3d7774072ee4bfbb49e91": Electric Monk

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