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Reported issues: 8


06:52 PM illumos gate Bug #9559 (Closed): zfs diff handles files on delete queue in fromsnap poorly
Since the changes to zfs diff in 9421, there has been a bug in zfs diff. If a file is in the delete queue on the from...


11:18 PM illumos gate Bug #9487 (Closed): Free objects when receiving full stream as clone
All objects after the last written or freed object are not supposed to exist after receiving the stream. We should f...


12:18 AM illumos gate Feature #9112 (Closed): Improve allocation performance on high-end systems
On high-end systems running async sequential write workloads, especially NUMA systems with flash or NVMe storage, one...


06:24 PM illumos gate Bug #8741 (New): Implement Redacted Send/Receive
Redacted send/receive is a powerful new feature for send/receive that allows space savings or security improvements i...


08:18 PM illumos gate Bug #8419: Should not require four-space indents on function arg continuation lines
I think I disagree with your premise here; all forms allowed by the style guide are (or should be, there could be bug...


06:04 PM illumos gate Bug #7352: Tunable to disable hole_birth feature
I can't figure out how to assign this to me, but I'm working on it.
06:02 PM illumos gate Bug #7352 (New): Tunable to disable hole_birth feature
Given all the recent issues with hole_birth that have cropped up, we should add a tunable that allows people to disab...


10:55 PM illumos gate Bug #7231: nlockmgr failing to start up during bootup
It's been a while since I worked on this, but as I recall, statd_init (which is called before daemonize_fini()) kicks...


08:41 PM illumos gate Bug #7176 (New): Yet another hole birth issue
If you take a large file (tested with 300 MB file at 512 byte recordsize), truncate it to a small size (10 MB), and t...


05:38 AM illumos gate Bug #6354 (Closed): dtrace -c doesn't properly handle arguments that contain spaces
a command like...

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