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05:25 PM illumos gate Bug #14112 (New): ::arphdr incorrectly reports "unknown" protocol address
While debugging a crash I noticed that @::arphdr@ is reporting bogus source/target protocol address values.... Ryan Zezeski


04:56 PM illumos gate Feature #13918 (New): Want kernel test facility (IPD 20)
I would like to integrate my implementation of IPD 20: Kernel Test Facility. Ryan Zezeski


06:09 PM illumos gate Bug #812: need NWAM manual page updates
FWIW, today I had a user (new to illumos) who was curious why @dhcpagent(1M)@ references @nwamcfg(1M)@, but it doesn'... Ryan Zezeski


04:16 PM illumos gate Feature #13689 (New): Want AWS ENA driver
Late last summer I wrote a preliminary driver for the AWS Nitro ENA network device (Elastic Network Adapter). Support... Ryan Zezeski


08:31 AM illumos gate Feature #13554: vnics should advertise IPv6 checksums
I did some testing on Robert's behalf using this patch combined with #13449. I used my "lso tests": Ryan Zezeski
08:25 AM illumos gate Feature #13449: cxgbe IPv6 checksum and LSO support
I did some testing on Robert's behalf using this patch combined with #13554. I used my "lso tests": Ryan Zezeski


04:36 PM illumos gate Feature #13564 (New): want IPv6 checksum support for simnet
It would help with testing if simnet could present the full IPv6 hardware checksum capab: @HCKSUM_INET_FULL_V6@.
Ryan Zezeski


12:30 AM illumos gate Bug #13410 (Closed): ddi_ufm(9E) typos and such
* The parameters section mentions @nslotp@, but there is no such parameter in any of the callbacks.
* Either I'm s...
Ryan Zezeski


11:20 PM illumos gate Bug #13316 (New): ipmgmtd inconsistent with kernel on failure
You can get @ipmgmtd@ out of sync with the kernel with a specific sequence of @ipadm@ commands.
1. Create simnet w...
Ryan Zezeski


05:05 PM illumos gate Bug #13230: i40e has duplicate traffic when used with bhyve/snoop running
The DTrace output indicates that the unicast traffic is hitting both the reserved group (as it should) and the defaul... Ryan Zezeski

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