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02:36 PM illumos gate Bug #14581 (New): ipadm could not create address after delete-addr for addrconf
Issue 13316 probably has the same underlying cause as this issue, but they look different enough to the user that I t... Ryan Zezeski


01:27 AM illumos gate Feature #9054: a swap.7 man page would be useful
I was recently going to refer someone to this man page when I realized it's still only in illumos-joyent. Just though... Ryan Zezeski


04:49 PM illumos gate Bug #14296: segfault on reboot in ficlVmInnerLoop
Toomas Soome wrote in #note-2:
> 8037dcc/S but also, we do have ficlVmExecuteString(ficlVm *vm, ficlString s) an...
Ryan Zezeski


12:20 AM illumos gate Bug #14296 (New): segfault on reboot in ficlVmInnerLoop
Encountered a segfault when running `reboot`. This was on a nightly build and I was trying to go back to the previous... Ryan Zezeski


11:38 PM illumos gate Feature #14289: cxgbe: update firmware version to
I also went ahead and tested this against my two Chelsio NICs. I verified that it reported the newer firmware and tha... Ryan Zezeski


08:16 PM illumos gate Feature #14278 (New): report missing major number during driver module install
Recently while trying to load a module I was getting the following error.... Ryan Zezeski


03:30 PM illumos gate Bug #14267: ena panic triggered by static networking
Thanks for the report Peter. I'm slammed this week and will probably not have time to dig into this at all this week.... Ryan Zezeski


08:31 PM illumos gate Feature #13689: Want AWS ENA driver
h2. Testing Notes
* Verified this driver sends/receives traffic on Nitro/ENA instances @t3.small@ (up to 5 Gbits/s...
Ryan Zezeski
05:27 PM illumos gate Bug #14248 (New): cstyle warns on valid whitespace usage in comments
In my recent ena work I had the follow block comment. This doesn't look quite right because the tabs are being conver... Ryan Zezeski


04:55 PM illumos gate Bug #14192 (New): kstat_delete(9F) should decide how it feels about NULL
The @kstat_delete(9F)@ function seems to be confused on how it feels about @ksp = NULL@ depending on DEBUG vs non-DEB... Ryan Zezeski

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