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Reported issues: 76


04:14 PM illumos gate Bug #8558 (New): lwp_create() returns EAGAIN on system with more than 80K ZFS filesystems
On a system with more than 80K ZFS filesystems, we've seen cases where
lwp_create() will start to fail by returning ...


02:45 PM illumos gate Bug #8521: nvlist memory leak in get_clones_stat() and spa_load_best()
A couple things to make note of:
1. nvlist_add_nvlist() (and the "fnvlist" variant) copies the passed-in nvlist le...


07:35 PM illumos gate Bug #8521 (Closed): nvlist memory leak in get_clones_stat() and spa_load_best()
Yuri reported this to the mailing list:
doing a `reboot -d` on current illumos-gate HEAD gives the following "::fi...


08:01 PM illumos gate Bug #8484 (New): Implement aggregate sum and use for arc counters
In pursuit of improving performance on multi-core systems, we should
implements fanned out counters and use them to ...


11:29 PM illumos gate Bug #7881: zfs_arc_num_sublists_per_state should be common to all multilists
Yes, I believe it is. Let's close this, since the fix has landed via the other bug ID.


05:36 PM illumos gate Bug #8265 (Closed): Reserve send stream flag for large dnode feature
Reserve bit 23 in the zfs send stream flags for the large
dnode feature which has been implemented for Linux.


04:56 PM illumos gate Bug #8149 (Closed): deadlock between datalink deletion and kstat read
Using the following stress test:
- Thread 1: In a loop, create and delete etherstub datalinks using:


05:30 PM illumos gate Bug #8126 (Closed): ztest assertion failed in dbuf_dirty due to dn_nlevels changing
The sync thread is concurrently modifying dn_phys->dn_nlevels
while dbuf_dirty() is trying to assert something about...
05:20 PM illumos gate Bug #8125 (Closed): kmem_move tunables must not be declared static
The kmem_move_* tunables (e.g. kmem_move_noreap) are declared "static".
Because they are never set in the code, the ...


09:35 PM illumos gate Bug #8115 (New): parallel zfs mount
In analyzing the time it takes for a Delphix Engine to come up following
a planned or unplanned reboot, we've determ...

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