Prakash Surya



Reported issues: 96


05:52 PM illumos gate Bug #9539 (Closed): Make zvol operations use _by_dnode routines
Continues what was started in 7801 add more by-dnode routines
by fully converting zvols to avoid unnecessary dnode_h...


08:01 PM illumos gate Bug #9426: metaslab size can exceed offset addressable by spacemap
Below is the block comment from the proposed change; copying it into the bug for posterity:...


05:36 PM illumos gate Bug #9322 (Closed): Print stats since boot for first line of
in, init() already calls snap_stats(), so we shouldn't call it again the first time through the loop.
04:51 PM illumos gate Bug #9321 (Closed): arc_loan_compressed_buf() can increment arc_loaned_bytes by the wrong value
arc_loan_compressed_buf() increments arc_loaned_bytes by psize unconditionally
In the case of zfs_compressed_arc_ena...


07:42 PM illumos gate Bug #9084 (Closed): spa_*_ashift must ignore spare devices
It's possible for the following assertion to be tripped when running ztest:
assertion failed for thread 0xf09f...


07:18 PM illumos gate Bug #9077 (Closed): zloop misses core files because they're no longer written into cwd
To make zloop for resilient to coreadm configuration differences on the various illumos distributions, we should enab...


08:20 PM illumos gate Bug #9074 (Closed): domount() interprets ZFS filesystem names as relative paths
The domount() function that is called by the mount() system call erroneously
calls lookupname() (a VFS filename look...


05:02 PM illumos gate Bug #8997 (Closed): ztest assertion failure in zil_lwb_write_issue
When dmu_tx_assign is called from zil_lwb_write_issue, it's possible
for either ERESTART or EIO to be returned.


07:29 PM illumos gate Bug #8652: Tautological comparisons with ZPROP_INVAL
The fix for this missed a couple lines, and these omissions result in warnings for later GCC versions. Here's the fix...


05:18 PM illumos gate Bug #8972 (Closed): zfs holds: In scripted mode, do not pad columns with spaces
'zfs holds -H' does not properly output content in scripted mode. It uses a tab instead of two spaces, but it still p...

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