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07:13 PM illumos gate Bug #5306 (Closed): mpt_sas hangs up during IOC reset
LSI SAS-9207 dual-port HBA card, connecting to two expanders with SAS drive attached.
MPxIO enabled for...
Tao Xu
01:17 PM illumos gate Bug #5305 (New): libsmp doesn't return correct errno when expander device is gone
If the result of SMP passthru request is MPI2_IOCSTATUS_SCSI_DEVICE_NOT_THERE, mpt_sas will return ENODEV to the SCSA... Tao Xu
12:01 PM illumos gate Bug #5304 (Closed): syseventd: datalink notify thread hangs up when terminated
When syseventd is terminated or restarted by svcadm, sometimes it will get stuck in waiting for exit of datalink noti... Tao Xu

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