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08:12 PM illumos gate Bug #8438 (Closed): panic in vnode_valid_pn
When the wad for 8376 was put together, one of the necessary changes, "OS-3991":, ...


06:24 PM illumos gate Bug #8376 (Closed): cached v_path should be kept fresh
The logic for generating and maintaining the cached v_path value on vnodes could stand to be improved. If vnodes wer...


09:08 PM illumos gate Bug #8270 (Closed): dnlc_reverse_lookup() is unsafe at any speed
Doing a reverse "lookup" in the DNLC (in air quotes because it's a scan, not a lookup) is unsafe at any speed – there...


06:10 PM illumos gate Bug #8035 (Closed): TSC sync detection should be NUMA friendly
On i86pc, certain precautions must be taken before using the TSC as a source for gethrtime. It's possible that the TS...


09:48 PM illumos gate Feature #7805: want faster clock_gettime
The to-be-upstreamed wad will be comprised of changes from the following SmartOS tickets:...
09:45 PM illumos gate Feature #7805 (Closed): want faster clock_gettime
There is a large body of software today which calls clock_gettime() with extremely high frequency. On many operating...


10:41 PM illumos gate Bug #7696 (Closed): procfs lacks adequate access checks for CREAT actions
We (Joyent) were contacted about procfs failing to perform adequate access checks when the O_CREAT flag is passed to ...


12:49 AM illumos gate Bug #7664 (In Progress): devfsadm.h not updating by incremental build
12:48 AM illumos gate Bug #7664: devfsadm.h not updating by incremental build
We (Joyent) addressed this in "OS-5867":


07:51 PM illumos gate Bug #7637: restorecontext(ucontext_t *ucp) leaves all maskable signals blocked in curthread->t_hold
Merged downstream as "060157c":

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