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10:37 PM illumos gate Feature #12345 (In Progress): comm page should fallback to syscall after excessive migration
Copied from SmartOS "OS-6135":
> On platforms that have unsynchronized TSCs an...
Patrick Mooney
05:05 PM illumos gate Feature #11275: gettimeofday should use comm page
This is the upstreamed version of "OS-6014": from SmartOS, where it has been in pr... Patrick Mooney


12:24 AM illumos gate Bug #11871 (Closed): smatch should not hammer linux procfs path
While waiting for an illumos-joyent build, I was perusing @lockstat(1)@ output and observed what seemed to be unusual... Patrick Mooney


12:17 AM illumos gate Bug #11247: "zpool add -n" confused about adding first log device
This just burned me today as well. Patrick Mooney


07:53 PM illumos gate Bug #5929 (Resolved): stale v_path slows vfs lookups
Addressed by 8376 Patrick Mooney
03:09 PM illumos gate Feature #10932: want _MACHDEP-free cpuset_t access
CR: Patrick Mooney


11:17 PM illumos gate Feature #10932 (Closed): want _MACHDEP-free cpuset_t access
During development on LX, we wanted a way to get a snapshot of active CPUs without going to the trouble of grabbing c... Patrick Mooney


04:16 PM illumos gate Bug #9962 (In Progress): zil_commit should omit cache thrash
Patrick Mooney
04:13 PM illumos gate Bug #9962 (Closed): zil_commit should omit cache thrash
Upstream clone of "OS-7314": from SmartOS:
> The changes and testing required f...
Patrick Mooney
04:16 PM illumos gate Feature #9963 (Closed): Seperate tunable for disabling ZIL vdev flush
As the discussion and work progressed on "9962":, it became clear that it would be... Patrick Mooney

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