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illumos gate Developer 2016-05-06



07:01 PM illumos gate Bug #14003: panic: zfs dbuf code destroys buffer still held by others on encrypted pool
Just a quick couple notes for anyone who comes upon this...
The above reproduction steps work practically instantl...
Rich Ercolani


06:55 PM illumos gate Bug #14003: panic: zfs dbuf code destroys buffer still held by others on encrypted pool
I should remark that, at least with my test reproductions on, L2ARC is ne... Rich Ercolani


12:25 AM illumos gate Feature #7175 (New): Want improved 6513 detection and handling
So, #6513 is nasty because even after the fix, on pool data written before the fix was applied, send|recv will still ... Rich Ercolani


06:57 PM illumos gate Bug #5122: mpt_sas hangs forever with some kinds of malfunctioning drive
Assigning by request. Rich Ercolani


03:37 PM illumos gate Bug #5550: lz4 kernel panic
I'm not a domain expert, but that panic really looks less like an LZ4 problem and more like a hardware fault/error. Rich Ercolani


12:43 PM illumos gate Bug #5538: Kernel panic on SAS disk failure
cf. #5208 for other people reporting this issue. Rich Ercolani


08:00 AM illumos gate Bug #5520: GRUB Error 21 booting from USB stick on Dell BIOS
May or may not be related to ? Rich Ercolani


11:49 PM illumos gate Bug #5483: Pool hang & system panic because of single disk failure
Gonna guess you're hitting some combination of #4310 and ...I forget the other bug number, depending on which bits ar... Rich Ercolani


07:23 AM illumos gate Bug #5420: LSI 2008 HBA parity bug with P20 IT firmware
The P20 firmware has been observed causing strange issues on a number of hosts on a number of OSes, so I'd suggest st... Rich Ercolani


09:48 PM illumos gate Bug #5381: netstat(1M) and netstat's usage are stale
A quick grep shows:... Rich Ercolani

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