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illumos gate Developer, Committer 2018-03-16



06:50 PM illumos gate Bug #13977: ksh93: stack robustness fixes
The original code intention is to exit the sh_debug function with the stack in the same state as when it was entered,... Andy Fiddaman


03:26 PM illumos gate Feature #13985 (In Progress): Support building with OpenSSL 3.0
OpenSSL 3.0 beta 2 is out and that is the first release candidate, with the official release expected in a matter of ... Andy Fiddaman


03:11 PM illumos gate Bug #13977 (In Progress): ksh93: stack robustness fixes
OpenSuse, the modern github ksh93 project and Solaris have all imported a set of patches to improve stack robustness ... Andy Fiddaman
03:09 PM illumos gate Bug #13976 (New): contrib/ast: remove unreferenced man pages
When the external ast code was imported to usr/src/contrib/ast, a number of library man pages were imported. These ar... Andy Fiddaman


10:50 AM illumos gate Bug #6161: zero-sized kmem_alloc() in zfs`spa_load_l2cache
Tested the change in the associated Gerrit review by running the ZFS test suite iteratively with DEBUG bits until no ... Andy Fiddaman


07:09 PM illumos gate Bug #13958: kpti_trampolines.s fails to assemble with binutils 2.37
I tested building this change on an OmniOS system with binutils 2.36.1 and then with binutils 2.37. Both succeeded an... Andy Fiddaman


09:12 PM illumos gate Bug #13958: kpti_trampolines.s fails to assemble with binutils 2.37
As of GNU binutils 2.37, the assembler has split the 'sysexit' instruction
into 'sysexitl' and 'sysexitq'. Using a pl...
Andy Fiddaman
12:14 PM illumos gate Bug #13958 (Closed): kpti_trampolines.s fails to assemble with binutils 2.37
... Andy Fiddaman


09:06 AM illumos gate Bug #13930: Build fails with modern NSS
I assume this is the same problem - with nss 3.68 I see:... Andy Fiddaman


04:52 PM illumos gate Feature #13738: Wire up bhyve's network backends for illumos
This has been integrated into OmniOS r151038 and I've tested using the newly available @virtio_net@ (i.e. not viona) ... Andy Fiddaman

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