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Reported issues: 25


12:08 PM illumos gate Bug #9120 (New): bnxe does not load in DEBUG
Feb 16 11:52:05 bhyve genunix: [ID 819705 kern.notice] /kernel/drv/amd64/bnxe: undefined symbol
Feb 16 11:52:05 bhyv...


01:05 PM illumos gate Bug #9116 (New): fdisk limits heads to 254 (mostly)
The fdisk utility currently (mostly, see below) limits the number of heads in the CHS table to the range 0-254 rather...


02:16 PM illumos gate Feature #9070 (Closed): Remove wanboot from gate
Having spoken to several people about `wanboot` in gate, it appears that nobody is using it today.
As part of work t...
08:23 AM illumos gate Feature #9067 (New): Support PMBR customisation with EFI label
When writing an EFI label to disk, efi_write() also creates a protective MBR (PMBR). This PMBR contains a single part...


03:35 PM illumos gate Bug #8985 (Closed): update tzdata to 2018c
According to the tzdata mailing list, tzdata 2018a & 2018b cause problems for OpenJDK and ICU (


11:52 AM illumos gate Feature #8982 (New): Support building with OpenSSL 1.1
The following gate components fail to build against OpenSSL 1.1 due to API changes.
* sendmail
* libpkcs11
* lib...


05:50 PM illumos gate Bug #8969: Cannot boot from RAIDZ with parity > 1
05:45 PM illumos gate Bug #8969 (Closed): Cannot boot from RAIDZ with parity > 1
At present it is possible to boot from a root pool that is on RAIDZ but not one that is on RAIDZ2 or RAIDZ3.
This is...


11:46 PM illumos gate Feature #8006: Want updated /etc/services
Hi Dale - I've recently hit this for 'smtps'. This issue is marked as 90% complete; do you have something nearly read...


10:56 PM illumos gate Bug #6653: dtrace modifies ELF string table causing problems for linker
Oh, and here's the original FreeBSD fix commit message for reference:
> dtrace converts pairs of consecutive under...

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