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illumos gate Developer, Committer 2018-03-16



08:38 AM illumos gate Feature #13674: bhyve upstream sync 2021 March
This change has been tested on a range of different host systems, with both Intel and AMD processors, and with a rang... Andy Fiddaman


01:11 PM illumos gate Feature #13380 (In Progress): Add virtio-9p (aka VirtFS) filesystem sharing to bhyve
Andy Fiddaman


02:11 PM illumos gate Bug #13713: vm_unmap_mmio() should return non zero on error
This has been tested applied on top of #13712, booting a variety of VMs with and without pass-through devices. No pro... Andy Fiddaman
02:09 PM illumos gate Bug #13712: bhyve allows vmspace mapping inside existing range
This change has also been slightly less extensively tested applied directly to gate (that is, without the other commi... Andy Fiddaman
08:30 AM illumos gate Feature #13677: pwait -v should decode wait status
When I recently tried to get pwait to show anything other than zero, I was unsuccessful.
Have you had any success th...
Andy Fiddaman


01:33 PM illumos gate Feature #13698: CTF could handle C99 VLAs in function arguments
Investigating this further since the proposed fix makes these multi-dimensional arrays look like function pointers in... Andy Fiddaman
10:26 AM illumos gate Bug #13718: ksh: segfault on typeset -l/-u against special/read-only variables
PR also opened upstream at Andy Fiddaman


12:33 PM illumos gate Bug #13721 (In Progress): ksh: typeset attributes -a, -A, -l, -u leak out of subshells Andy Fiddaman
11:50 AM illumos gate Bug #13720 (In Progress): ksh: segfault on unsetting/changing ${.sh.lineno}
... Andy Fiddaman
10:22 AM illumos gate Bug #13718: ksh: segfault on typeset -l/-u against special/read-only variables
Not being entirely happy with the fix in the mentioned commit, I looked into this.
Each environment variable (name/va...
Andy Fiddaman

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