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illumos gate Developer, Committer 2018-03-16



12:13 PM illumos gate Bug #14659: strip can lose its identity
A wsdiff of a full gate build with this patch is clean, modulo the expected changes due to a change in git commit has... Andy Fiddaman


06:14 PM illumos gate Feature #14691: vmm_ctl_ioctl needs to express VM_MAXCPU for utilities
You want this (from bhyverun.c, slightly editted)... Andy Fiddaman


08:53 PM illumos gate Bug #14603: bhyve passthrough mishandles combined CMD/STATUS reads
This has been in OmniOS bloody since March and tested with igb network cards and xhci devices passed through to guest... Andy Fiddaman
02:36 PM illumos gate Feature #14578: bhyve upstream sync 2022 March
I've also tested running the VNC server with the new keyboard layout options and confirmed that they work when one us... Andy Fiddaman
01:44 PM illumos gate Feature #14578: bhyve upstream sync 2022 March
This change has been in OmniOS bloody since March,and is also in the r151042 stable release.
I've done some rudime...
Andy Fiddaman


09:15 AM illumos gate Bug #14659: strip can lose its identity
I've confirmed that the @.debug_gdb_scripts@ section is still there after the new @strip@ has done its thing:... Andy Fiddaman


09:21 PM illumos gate Bug #14659: strip can lose its identity
I tested this by replacing the @strip@ binary on a system and then running a full omnios build, core and extra, which... Andy Fiddaman


07:26 PM illumos gate Bug #14659 (Closed): strip can lose its identity
When attempting to remove debugging information from a particular rust binary using @strip -x@, an error is generated... Andy Fiddaman


10:57 AM illumos gate Bug #14633: lib9p: unlinkat() does not work on 9p share
Testing notes:
With the fix in place, each of the tests shown above succeeds. In a Linux guest, the @unlinkat@ call ...
Andy Fiddaman
10:40 AM illumos gate Bug #14623: bhyve/xhci: Connecting device on port 1 failed
Testing notes:
With this change in place, I have successfully booted Windows, FreeBSD, illumos and Linux guests with...
Andy Fiddaman

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