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illumos gate Developer, Committer 2018-03-16



06:43 PM illumos gate Bug #13254: SEGV due to misaligned stack in Unwind_RaiseException
Testing this change shows that the new wrapper function is being called and that the stack is re-aligned before calli... Andy Fiddaman
09:01 AM illumos gate Bug #13254: SEGV due to misaligned stack in Unwind_RaiseException
It turns out that this worked on OmniOS r151030 because the primary compiler for that release is gcc4. gcc4 emits the... Andy Fiddaman
12:01 AM illumos gate Bug #13254 (In Progress): SEGV due to misaligned stack in Unwind_RaiseException
An OmniOS user reported that since upgrading from r151030 to r151034, the IBM TSM client now core dumps.... Andy Fiddaman
10:12 AM illumos gate Bug #13255 (New): Missing man pages for userland mutex_enter()/mutex_exit()
Andy Fiddaman


02:35 PM illumos gate Bug #13252 (In Progress): ctf_update()/ctf_dwarf_convert_function() leak memory
While troubleshooting CTF conversion for large objects, I hit a problem with a shared library which has a large numbe... Andy Fiddaman
02:27 PM illumos gate Bug #13251 (In Progress): CTF conversion fails if any CU is missing DWARF data, 13MiB, which contains 659 DWARF CUs, cannot be converted by @ctfconvert@.... Andy Fiddaman


01:07 PM illumos gate Bug #13247: CTF conversion fails with large files
I've tested the change in the attached Gerrit review.
Using @wsdiff@ (recently updated to compare CTF) on two gate...
Andy Fiddaman


08:24 PM illumos gate Feature #12222: Want ctfwsdiff to diff workspaces for CTF
To test the change in the referenced Gerrit review, I ran the old and new wsdiff to compare a DEBUG and non-DEBUG wor... Andy Fiddaman
06:42 PM illumos gate Feature #13248: parallelise the quest for elves
Some benchmarks of the old and new variant on OmniOS r151036 with perl 5.32 (which has threads support) - DMAKE_JOBS ... Andy Fiddaman
04:21 PM illumos gate Feature #13248 (In Progress): parallelise the quest for elves
The ELF verification and runtime checks from nightly are a serial part of the gate build which take a while to run.
Andy Fiddaman

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