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09:53 PM illumos gate Bug #8549 (Closed): svc:/system/pools/dynamic manifest and method are in the service/resource-poo...
The service/resource-pools/poold package installs the dynamic resource pool management daemon but the manifest and me...


11:20 PM illumos gate Feature #8350 (Closed): mr_sas - replace sprintf() with snprintf()
mr_sas uses sprintf() in a couple of places and should use snprintf() to be on the safe side..
03:40 PM illumos gate Feature #8335 (Closed): mr_sas - remove PDSUPPORT conditional.
The mr_sas driver can be built without support for direct physical disk access (HBA mode).
Since the recommendation ...


10:08 AM illumos gate Feature #8088 (Closed): Add support for LSI Intruder and Cutlass cards.
With fairly trivial changes, the LSI mpt_sas driver can support the newer Broadcom/Avago Intruder and Cutlass cards. ...


02:23 PM illumos gate Bug #8055 (Closed): mr_sas online-controller-reset (OCR) does not work with some gen3 adapters.
The mr_sas OCR routine can be triggered under high I/O load (determining why that happens is a separate issue!) but o...


11:50 AM illumos gate Bug #5836 (Closed): sshd VerifyReverseMapping fails for IPv4 connections to machines with IPv6 ad...
The code in sshd which verifies the reverse mapping for a client IP address (VerifyReverseMapping yes in sshd_config)...
11:39 AM illumos gate Feature #1858: ssh reverse-mapping check should care about crafted PTR records
Other than a more informative log message in this case, this doesn't add anything to the reverse mapping check we alr...
11:16 AM illumos gate Bug #4877: sshd never resolves client name in default configuration
I've hit the same issue when migrating from Solaris 10 to OmniOS.
I think the fix for #1848 should be backed out.


09:58 PM illumos gate Bug #5775 (Closed): mr_sas initialisation pauses unecessarily for 60 seconds.
During initialisation, the mr_sas driver sends an MFI init packet to the hardware. This packet is sent asynchronously...


01:45 PM illumos gate Bug #5754 (Closed): prtconf: assertion failure in libpcidb if vendor cannot be looked up

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