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illumos gate Manager, Developer, Committer 2010-07-27
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07:03 PM illumos gate Bug #13470 (New): potential crash in in gcm decrypt_update if kmem_alloc fails
This was found by inspection:
in /illumos-gate/usr/src/common/crypto/modes/gcm.c
383 if (length > 0) {
Garrett D'Amore


02:56 PM illumos gate Bug #13154 (In Progress): SMB should use single shot scatter/gather encryption/decryption
At present the SMB protocol uses partial encryption operations when encrypting or decrypting. This should be convert... Garrett D'Amore


03:44 PM illumos gate Bug #13049: cstyle should tolerate freebsd headers
I really really hate that our cstyle has some specific idiosyncrasies which makes it pretty much impossible to implem... Garrett D'Amore


07:45 PM illumos gate Feature #12984: devo_power misset in sensor drivers
Funny, I was just looking at that earlier this week. Thanks for taking this up.
There aren't many other consumers...
Garrett D'Amore


03:35 PM illumos gate Bug #11911: Inconsistent case handling for properties in dladm
The PR for this was tested by manual runs of dladm, with various capitalization cases of mtu and other properties. W... Garrett D'Amore


07:20 PM illumos gate Feature #12971 (In Progress): SES nodes could be supported by vhci symmetric fops
SES devices are generally idempotent and stateless -- i.e. there is not normally an ordering constraint between opera... Garrett D'Amore
07:15 PM illumos gate Feature #12970 (In Progress): mptsas driver should not exclude SES devices from mpxio consideration
The mptsas driver (and maybe others as well, but I'm focused on mptsas and that's the only one I could conclusively v... Garrett D'Amore
07:12 PM illumos gate Feature #12969 (In Progress): SES driver could set device id and serial-number properties
In real configurations, SCSI enclosures (SAS devices usually, but not always) are often on multiple paths to the init... Garrett D'Amore


03:44 PM illumos gate Bug #12892: nxge: smatch error: npi_txc_pkt_stuffed_get() warn: mask and shift to zero
I don't think anyone can use nxge on x86 -- I'm pretty sure this was never offered as an external NIC, and only prese... Garrett D'Amore


11:28 PM illumos gate Bug #12801: libdiskmgt leaks PROM device information handles like a sieve
I remember running across that limit many years ago and being confounded by it. There is no real reason for it, and ... Garrett D'Amore

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