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05:14 AM illumos gate Feature #12271: "name" member of "struct option" should be const
In addition to testing provided by Joyent, OmniOS, and OpenIndiana, I built/installed/booted this build, where I disc... Brian Bennett


12:33 AM illumos gate Bug #11894: zonecfg export should quote strings
A user reported to Joyent an error they were having while trying to migrate a zone across compute nodes. They would d... Brian Bennett


05:38 PM illumos gate Bug #11894: zonecfg export should quote strings
Some follow up from Jerry via the mailing list:
I took a look at this for Brian and I am pretty confident that...
Brian Bennett


09:36 PM illumos gate Bug #11894: zonecfg export should quote strings
I did a bunch of testing, and there doesn't seem to be a valid way to have a double quote in the middle of a string f... Brian Bennett


09:39 PM illumos gate Bug #11948 (New): early kernel allocates too much memory when large displays are attached
A 4k display attached will cause the framebuffer to allocate 31MB (3840x2160*4 B). This will cause the system to cras... Brian Bennett


11:58 PM illumos gate Bug #11894 (Closed): zonecfg export should quote strings
Context for this is that SmartOS base64 encodes alias names, and when the value needs to be padded "zonecfg import" w... Brian Bennett


06:05 PM site Bug #11256 (Closed): prstat man page says -v and -m are different, but they aren't
Looking at the output of prstat and trying to understand the displayed columns by -m and -v, I noticed that despite -... Brian Bennett


09:28 PM illumos gate Feature #5862 (New): SMF manifest recursive enable
In a manifest file I can specify:... Brian Bennett

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