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illumos gate Developer 2010-07-30



12:38 AM illumos gate Bug #6966 (Closed): mdoc(5) should document the CONTEXT section for kernel manpages
yes, sorry. i submitted this cos the mdoc manpage on an old omnios install missed it. however, it did appear in 260e9... David Gwynne


06:06 AM illumos gate Bug #6969 (New): most scsi tran_foo(9E) manpages Xr the nonexistent scsi_hba_attach
there is no scsi_hba_attach man page, nor should there be one as it is a nonexistent function.
instead they should...
David Gwynne
06:03 AM illumos gate Bug #6968 (New): unset tran_abort(9E) in a HBA driver can lead to a user controlled NULL-deref
if a hba driver does not provide a tran_abort function in it's scsi_hba_tran_t instance, it appears that a user may b... David Gwynne
01:13 AM illumos gate Bug #6967 (New): tran_setup_pkt(9E) should document constraints on failure
the tran_setup_pkt() handler a HBA driver implements should only fail on a recoverable condition, it should not fail ... David Gwynne
01:00 AM illumos gate Bug #6966 (Closed): mdoc(5) should document the CONTEXT section for kernel manpages
the CONTEXT section is very useful, it should be included in all new pages written when using mdoc(5) as a guide. David Gwynne


07:12 AM illumos gate Feature #1553: ZFS should not trust the layers underneath regarding drive timeouts/failure
could you use the failfast stuff svm introduced ( David Gwynne


03:07 AM illumos gate Feature #3: We need an open replacement for mpt
one and a half hours waiting for the server to reboot between tests, half an hour grubbing around in the code...
David Gwynne
01:09 AM illumos gate Feature #3 (In Progress): We need an open replacement for mpt
an optimistic implementation has been written. just debugging the scsi io path now. David Gwynne

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