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05:58 PM illumos gate Bug #9838 (New): Zpool split can create a corrupted pool
The issue is that if we are resilvering the *2nd* mirror device in a pool and then launch zpool split, the zpool spli... Pavel Zakharov


04:12 PM illumos gate Feature #9075 (Closed): Improve ZFS pool import/load process and corrupted pool recovery
Some work has been done lately to improve the debugability of the ZFS pool
load (and import) process. This includes:...
Pavel Zakharov


07:06 PM illumos gate Bug #9064 (Closed): ZFS test remove_mirror should wait for device removal to complete
the remove_mirror test does a "zpool remove" on a regular vdev.
For regular (non-slog, non-cache) vdevs this operati...
Pavel Zakharov


04:53 PM illumos gate Bug #7638 (Closed): Refactor spa_load_impl into several functions
spa_load_impl has grown out of proportions.
It is currently over 700 lines long and makes it very hard to follow or ...
Pavel Zakharov


10:32 PM illumos gate Bug #5833: kernel crash on zfs import (mount)
Had the same issue occur in production.
After analyzing the crash dump, it seems to be related to xattr directorie...
Pavel Zakharov

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