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Reported issues: 14


07:59 PM illumos gate Bug #8567 (New): Inconsistent return value in zpool_read_label
If fstat64 fails, pread64 fails, or the label is unintelligible, zpool_read_label will return 0. But if malloc fails...


10:42 PM site Bug #8473 (New): "zpool scrub" does not detect errors on active spares
Scrubbing is supposed to detect and repair all errors in the pool. However, it wrongly ignores active spare devices....


09:41 PM illumos gate Bug #8081: Compiler warnings in zdb
Igor I've got a patch ready to go based on FreeBSD's build system. I just need to finish testing it on Illumos.
08:20 PM illumos gate Bug #8081 (New): Compiler warnings in zdb
zdb(8) is full of minor problems that generate compiler warnings. On FreeBSD, which uses -WError, the only way to bu...


04:06 PM illumos gate Feature #8070 (Closed): Add some ZFS comments
Add some ZFS comments left by various developers at different times


05:01 PM illumos gate Bug #7900 (Closed): zdb shouldn't print the path of a znode at verbosity < 5
zdb shouldn't print the path of a znode at verbosity < 5. There are two reasons:
1) Finding a znode's path is slo...


04:07 PM site Bug #7874 (New): Tautological tests in XVA_SET_REQ and friends
XVA_SET_REQ contains an assertion that (xvap)->xva_vattr.va_mask | AT_XVATTR), where AT_XVATTR is a constant. This a...


03:30 PM illumos gate Feature #7400: Enhance sysevents
In addition to what's in the description:
* zpool history messages should differentiate "pool create" from "create"


07:46 PM illumos gate Feature #7400 (New): Enhance sysevents
* It would be nice to have a dedicated sysevent for exporting a pool, instead of overloading the ESC_ZFS_POOL_DESTROY...
06:58 PM site Bug #7399: Endianness bugs with "zdb -R"
This should be in the illumos-gate project, not site. But I can't change it now.

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