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09:19 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #13858 (New): x11 hot plug keyboard does not work

If I unplug-replug usb keyboard, I loose it.
If I plug another usb keyboard, it does not work.
If I restart light...
Ben Franck


04:10 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #12703: AMD GPU
Duplicate of #12704.
This one should be closed
Ben Franck
03:30 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #8957: tmux memory consumption (leak?)
This can be closed.
I have not noticed this behaviour for a long time (for many version)
Current v3.2 works well.
Ben Franck


05:06 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #9921: MATE System Monitor should display "Processor"
It works for me now (1.24.1) tough it does not display the GPU now.
Feature is obsolete and should be closed or requ...
Ben Franck
05:01 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #13004: Please update to newer Firefox!
Firefox updated to 78.9esr as per commit a4af9347c172e125a81b12d520e788fa0d32505b from Apr 13, 2021
Request should...
Ben Franck


10:21 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #10691: Want rdesktop with GSS-API and TLS v1.3
Please note that xfreerdp client compiles easily on Hipster Ben Franck


09:36 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #9907 (New): xterm/rxvt : US international keyboard not working
Setting keyboard to US intl (with or without dead keys), accents (like ' + e = é) on chars are working on mate termin... Ben Franck
09:23 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #9906: Synergy missing file
I thought I lodged the bug to OI bug tracker but it seems to end up in Illumos gate.
Ok this is using OpenIndiana Hi...
Ben Franck
09:21 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #9906 (Resolved): Synergy missing file
When I start synergys, it coughs the following message :
@Synergy 1.7.6: [ID 702911 daemon.error] [2018-10-17T10:0...
Ben Franck


09:45 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #8957: tmux memory consumption (leak?)
Just an update after 21 days on the same tmux session :... Ben Franck

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