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02:55 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #15548 (Resolved): mate_install@0.1,5.11-2023.0.0.54 depends on driver/graphics/nvidia
Andreas Wacknitz
02:51 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #15768 (Resolved): virtualbox web service is linked against missing old gSOAP in 2023.05
Andreas Wacknitz


07:11 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #15984: NTP crashing with a SIGABRT
Thanks for your analysis and explanations. I just had a new crash after several days of silence.
The log shows the f...
Andreas Wacknitz


07:23 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #15984: NTP crashing with a SIGABRT
Can you please create a PR for OI userland with your patch? I have been running it for a few days and it reduces the ... Andreas Wacknitz


07:48 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #15895 (Resolved): Haproxy control script doesnt work
Andreas Wacknitz
07:21 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #14854 (Resolved): Latest changes web-page has not been updated since 2020
Andreas Wacknitz


05:47 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #15880: Invalid content manifest hash failure on golang-119 and golang-120
I have created new revisions for both packages that should fix these issues.
Thanks for the report.
Andreas Wacknitz
05:25 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #15879: Readline hash failure blocks system update
I have created a new revision that should have fixed this issue.
Thanks for the report.
Andreas Wacknitz


07:47 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #15764 (Rejected): generic viagra capsules
Andreas Wacknitz


02:38 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #15421 (Closed): pulseaudio package not using the gdbm package
Andreas Wacknitz

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