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07:49 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #13187: Libreoffice breaks man
OI #6144 has been integrated. Can we close this ticket? Andreas Wacknitz


08:29 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #12809 (Resolved): VirtualBox 6.1.8 errors attempting to start VM
Andreas Wacknitz
08:29 PM illumos gate Bug #12769 (Resolved): VirtualBox fails to start k
Andreas Wacknitz


05:34 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #9898 (Closed): bootadm update-archive output: WARNING: ELF file /a/kernel/drv/amd64_gart is 32-bit and will be excluded
Andreas Wacknitz
05:32 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #9254 (Closed): BTX halted at boot time
Andreas Wacknitz
05:32 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #9977 (Closed): Unable to boot from new BE since end of October 2018
Andreas Wacknitz
05:31 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #12928 (Closed): Reboot after Panic : BAD TRAP: type=d (#gp General protection) rp=ffffff00651ad960 addr=0
Andreas Wacknitz


08:23 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #13186: Regression: MATE Desktop Volume slider stopped working after git commit #6093
In order to investigate further we need more information. Eg., can you tell us more about your hardware?
Are there m...
Andreas Wacknitz


07:31 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #9732: Pulseaudio always uses the first audio device
Gary, I can either create a PR with your changes or can guide you through the process. I think it would be well inves... Andreas Wacknitz
07:04 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #12911 (Resolved): gtk2 ABI breakage (more incidents)
Andreas Wacknitz

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