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illumos gate Developer 2010-08-19
OpenIndiana Distribution Developer 2010-10-01



07:25 PM illumos gate Feature #2124 (Closed): find(1) should support -iname option
You're right. Trisk told me to make a bug for it, and then it turns out he has approved the patch which adds it, tsk ... Jeppe Toustrup
07:12 PM illumos gate Feature #2124 (Closed): find(1) should support -iname option
The @-iname@ option searches for names, non-case sensitive, and is available in GNU find. Jeppe Toustrup


11:34 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #1995 (Resolved): download links are broken
The issue has been resolved today. It was a matter of a mis-configuration on our newest DLC mirror server, which wasn... Jeppe Toustrup


07:50 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #716: Not enabled "Next" buttons in window on oi_148 installation from LiveDVD
The next button has that color to show it's the default action, if you press Enter on that screen. It is not to show ... Jeppe Toustrup


06:29 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #634: Live usb install to dd version testing (grub error)
You should not use the dd image when using that tool. You either have to use the .usb image, with the usb creator, or... Jeppe Toustrup


11:24 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #542: Download page should show hashes
N2Deep N2Deep wrote:
> I also would like to see the checksum files themselves say:
> image name <checksum>
> T...
Jeppe Toustrup


01:53 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #522: text installer - references to the missing zones
It seems to be related to this bug on the OSOL tracker: Jeppe Toustrup


11:20 AM illumos gate Bug #458 (Rejected): 'beadm mount' needs improvements
When trying to mount a BE, you currently have to specify a path to an empty directory which does not end with a taili... Jeppe Toustrup


05:17 AM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #291 (Rejected): Missing branding on configuration of zone
When configuring a new zone, on the screen where the hostname is entered, the text says:
_Enter the host name which ...
Jeppe Toustrup


05:21 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #274: OpenIndiana fails to provide option for manual network config
"r a", it could sound like you have a mix-up in the network configuration. Could you please check that the service ne... Jeppe Toustrup

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