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illumos gate Developer, Committer 2010-07-30



02:49 PM illumos gate Bug #16558 (New): ipd can get into an infinite loop
I found this by inspection, but I'm fairly sure this is wrong. In @ipd_hook()@, we have the following segment of code... Jason King


07:19 PM illumos gate Feature #16547: savecore should report progress when saving compressed dump
Maybe consider supporting SIGINFO as well? Jason King


04:26 AM illumos gate Bug #16511 (Closed): vioif_reclaim_tx() is holding lock across calling mac_tx_update
In @vioif_reclaim_tx()@, we have:... Jason King


10:01 PM illumos gate Bug #16502: panic in zfs:abd_iter_map
It appears the first argument to @abd_copy_to_buff_off_cb()@ is bogus in that stack trace. The code is trying to copy... Jason King


03:07 AM illumos gate Bug #16492 (Closed): ipkg brand should include smbsrv1 device
#15975 introduced an additional 'special' minor device @/dev/smbsrv1@ for use with #15976. However this was not added... Jason King


05:23 AM illumos gate Bug #16113: Update acpica to 20230628
FWIW, I've been running a build that incorporates this change on my home server running SmartOS (with several zones d... Jason King


01:56 AM illumos gate Bug #10509: zpool_003_pos can't find core file
To test this, I ran the full zfs test suite with a build including this change.
Previously, this would fail since ...
Jason King
01:33 AM illumos gate Bug #16433 (New): zfs test functional/rsend/send_encrypted_freeobjects can fail
While testing an unrelated issue, I noticed that @functional/rsend/send_encrypted_freeobjects@ was failing.
Looking ...
Jason King


10:06 PM illumos gate Feature #16418 (New): ddi_fm_ereport_post(9F) could use sentinel attribute
Since @ddi_fm_ereport_post(9F)@ requires a terminating NULL at the end of its argument list, we could annotate the fu... Jason King


02:14 AM illumos gate Bug #16019: sa_lookup() disregards size of caller's buffer
For reference, OpenZFS PR is/was
Jason King

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