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illumos gate Developer, Committer 2010-07-30



02:56 PM illumos gate Feature #14697 (New): Port OpenZFS Log Spacemap Improvements
From OpenZFS #12789:
> Improve log spacemap load time
> Previous flushing algorithm limited only total numbe...
Jason King
01:47 AM illumos gate Bug #14643: ::dtrace dcmd can truncate output
For additional testing, a dump was created (in a VM, but it had an uptime of several weeks).
Upon the VM restarting,...
Jason King


03:33 AM illumos gate Feature #14663: Add per-dataset kstats
For testing, I used @dd@ to create a file to an empty dataset and viewed the corresponding kstat before and after the... Jason King
02:39 AM illumos gate Feature #14663 (New): Add per-dataset kstats
Mostly a port of OpenZFS #7705:
> Introduce read/write kstats per dataset
> The following patch introduces a ...
Jason King


02:24 AM illumos gate Bug #14643: ::dtrace dcmd can truncate output
As a test of the fix, the following dtrace script was used:... Jason King
02:22 AM illumos gate Bug #14643: ::dtrace dcmd can truncate output
The fix for this is relatively simple:
We can read the value of @panic_hrtime@ from the crash dump, and add the va...
Jason King
02:19 AM illumos gate Bug #14643 (Closed): ::dtrace dcmd can truncate output
Attempting to retrieve dtrace data from a crash dump, the @::dtrace@ dcmd would return no output.
Baffled, I attempt...
Jason King


10:30 PM illumos gate Bug #14562: apparently bad merge in l2arc_write_buffers
It looks like the OpenZFS change was after the original code as committed, so just hadn't been ported over yet. Jason King


06:19 PM illumos gate Bug #14576: absent framebuffer prevents console-login on all serial ports
In terms of testing, this change has been in SmartOS for several years w/o issue.
More recently, in some work I was ...
Jason King


09:54 PM illumos gate Bug #14577 (New): ESX offline disk resize prevents growing zpool
In at least some versions of VMware ESX, when growing a virtual disk, ESX helpfully copies the alternate EFI label to... Jason King

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