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12:23 AM illumos gate Bug #15257 (New): bad longjmp in logadm leads to infinite loop
logadm uses some bespoke error logging code, which includes using setjmp/longjmp to provide a form of try/catch error... Jonathan Matthew


01:41 AM illumos gate Bug #8543 (Closed): nss_ldap crashes handling a group with no gidnumber attribute
When fetching group memberships for a user, if the user is a member of a group that does not have a gidnumber attribu... Jonathan Matthew


12:09 AM illumos gate Bug #7360 (Closed): could be more forgiving of bad smbios tables
On Lenovo x3650 and x3550 M5s (at least), the last item in the smbios table runs past the end of the table, which cau... Jonathan Matthew

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