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11:26 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #372: console-kit-daemon errors during boot
Richard PALO wrote:
> suprisingly, this should already be fixed:
Tim Mooney
10:25 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #11651 (New): /tmp/.ICE-unix has incorrect permissions

I believe there's a long-standing issue with permissions on /tmp/.ICE-unix on OpenIndiana.
While looking at othe...
Tim Mooney


06:58 PM illumos gate Bug #11078 (New): library/qt5 depends on both libjpeg6 and libjpeg8

OpenIndiana's library/qt5 package depends upon both libjpeg6 and libjpeg8.
One fix that's needed is to update th...
Tim Mooney


11:50 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #1058: A number of fonts is good to update
It seems like this issue should be resolved.
The only font from this list in current OpenIndiana hipster that isn'...
Tim Mooney
10:38 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #10584: Fix wrong comment in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf
I checked with the developer that packaged lightdm for OpenIndiana.
He indicated that the patch is working as inte...
Tim Mooney


10:17 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #10584: Fix wrong comment in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf
Tim Mooney wrote:
> Hubert-
> Have you tried the other option (-SecurityTypes=VncAuth) on OpenIndiana hipster, ...
Tim Mooney


07:29 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #7993: pulseaudio process does not close on logout

I just checked latest hipster and the same issue is still present.
Gary might be correct, but based on the small...
Tim Mooney
06:27 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Bug #8272: mate-terminal flashes when resizing up the window
Ken Mays wrote:
> Please review again after updating your system to current.
Hi Nikola!
Have you had a chance ...
Tim Mooney
06:07 PM OpenIndiana Distribution Feature #10584: Fix wrong comment in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf
Hubert Garavel wrote:
> > * second, -securitytypes=none is not insecure and should no longer be a recommended optio...
Tim Mooney


08:20 PM illumos gate Bug #10565 (New): man -w segfaults on this man page

I'm attempting to rebuild the 'whatis' database on my OpenIndiana hipster system.
I've discovered a particular m...
Tim Mooney

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